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  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, we have reached the point of a release candidate for the TP3, so we are launching another snapshot today in preparation for that. Because of your hard work and testing, we have been able to find and fix some of the bigger issues at such a fast pace that we wanted to keep the momentum to have even more stable Technical Preview.

    See the full blog post here

  • Got it! Thanks you guys for those previews! I'm already using Vivaldi at home and at work. And I'm already thrilled 🙂 despite the early stage Vivaldi is in!

    BTW: I really (really!) do not like the Chrome PDF reader plugin at all! Sadly the SumatraPDF plugin seems to have stopped working and isn't updated anymore. Is there any way to get the SumatraPDF plugin up and running again?

  • not sure but… Why in Win x64 is "check for updates" since x64 Win builds do not support it? (it should not be listed in TP3 or it should be working)

    edit: my bad. x64 is still experimental and should not be released as TP3 at all then.

  • Moderator

    It's Saturday guys, go home. 😉

    Thank a lot for the spatial navigation hide. It was really annoying.

  • In this version the Italian translation is not complete even if in some previous snapshots it was (it never was a good translation but at least was approximately complete).
    In the previous (i have not tried it on this one) when i moved the folder of the portable version in an other place (from desktop to drive S) in Windows 7, Vivaldi loses the personal data and create a new folder in the desktop with a blank profile.

  • Italian is 100% translated ATM. New translations will be implemented sooner or later. though, I agree that in TP3 these should be integrated since they are ready internally but just not merged yet.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Thank you guys!!
    A little bug: With native look trash can is not aligned to right. There is a gap.
    Also translations are not updated, at least for Greek.

  • Moderator

    100% translated the Vivaldi strings. There are a lot of strings that come from Chromium which are the ones badly translated.

  • sure. But I suppose that only under flags are not translated strings related to Chromium. Others are just "badly translated" (as you mentioned and we all know and nobody is willing to say what's gonna happen about it)

    He mentioned some strings that are not even translated and was (I think he meant strings related to tilling, forward etc which were removed as Ilya explained to us 🙂 )

  • Ambassador

    thank you guys. really.

    and… the news about opera is something emotional for us, the old opera users too. that was a (12.x and below versions i mean) perfect browser, you know.

    luckily vivaldi is here. with an hardworking team working on it.

    i'm waiting for tp3 right now. vivaldi is my first choice among browsers for a long time now and it is good to see that our browser is becoming a real threat to others day by day.

    greetings from istanbul. (:

  • Question: Isn't x264 and MSE a part of Blink? If not, are they difficult to implement?

  • both is "no" (it's not part of Blink nor difficult to implement). It's just expensive to buy licences AFAIK 🙂

  • Moderator

    I was explaining his first side comment in the first set of parenthesis.

  • Moderator

    No. x264 has been removed from Chromium circa 2011. From what I know there are major bugs in MSE/x264 in Chromium, aka it's not completely implemented. I haven't checked the last Chromium to see if it's working or not.

  • Sorry for being out of the loop, but I can't seem to find how to enable this native look (Windows version). If this is the first step in making Vivaldi use traditional "chrome," I'd like to try it.

  • Tools > Settings > Appearance: check the "Use Native Window" box (and this will only take effect on a newly opened window, so you won't see it on your current window until you close/reopen it or the browser).

  • @igorditerni:

    (it never was a good translation but at least was approximately complete).

    As usual, you are a shameless troll

  • Wow, I can't believe I overlooked the top section. However, maybe my observational skills are off today since I've restarted Vivaldi several times (I saw some mention of needing to do it three times, which I think was an older problem) and for the life of me can't see any difference with this option.

  • Strings like back, forward actually appear as not translated, even if there was a translation in some previous versions.

    But there are some strings translated by the Vivaldi translation team that are simply bad translated, like Toggle panel" (this one is erroneous in English too because have to be "Toggle Panels") in menu, "Toggle Menu Position" in menu, "Show panel toggle" in settings (plural missing again), "tab stacking" and related…

  • So far, all I've noticed are the outer-most border areas becoming translucent (aero-style, in Win7).

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