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    Which OS?
    Correct Vivaldi installed?
    Correct Java installed?

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    I need 'native window' because some programs/tools can hook into OS wIndow but not in Vivaldis own window.

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    I have no idea, but maybe. I know Qt is available on Windows. I use KDE that seems to be usable on it. And in KDE, I use Openbox for the decoration.

    But using this solution doesn't feel right.
    There are lots of tools to customize Windows, that allow a vast range of changes. So you may find your goal in google 😉 seems to be a good starting point.

    I guessed that Vivaldi wouldn't implement that kind of change because it was extremely specific, and wasn't at all on the scope of Vivaldi : in the long long term, creating a desktop environnement from a browser could be a good idea (Firefox did FirefoxOS as did Chrome with ChromeOS (they did a lot of research for their names…)), but in the short term, managing windows is not the job of a browser.
    And that's also why enabling "native window" is a good thing : you could do something acceptable in a field that's not yours, but it's better to allow the pros do it.

  • It's so sad to read that news about Opera employees, but I think that Opera, the real one, is dead since version 15+. That's way I'm still using Opera 12 and waiting for a great final version of Vivaldi.

  • Sorry.
    Win7x64. Java 32bit (build 1.8.0_45-b14). Vivaldi 32bit version (Developer Build)

  • I'm unclear as to which sort of change that you felt that Vivaldi would not make, as several things have been covered here, and you responded with with an indirect reference of 'that'.

    But I'll check out 'custopack' regardless - Thanks.

    Yet I sincerely hope that you were not trying to discourage myself and others from authoring alternate skins/themes for Vivaldi, as there have been some very decent ones made for other browsers.

    In my own experience, I refer mostly for Mozilla-based browsers, as I have avoided Chromium-based offerings until Vivaldi, because Google, [sarc] in their boundless wisdom and benevolence, [/sarc] refused to include a traditional legacy Menu Bar in their Chrome browser (making some folks think that it couldn't be done), then Vivaldi came along and demonstrated the balls to prove Google wrong by adding one.

    On that, and some positive recollections of Opera 11.64, plus a very recent few fun days modding themes for Opera 12.17, I am giving Vivaldi a chance, and a try.

    Unfortunately, I entered this arena with zero experience coding in the Chromium environment, and some in Mozilla's.

    But I'm catching up…. 😉

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    Thanks for the reply, glad to hear that things are moving on that front!

  • Here's a Suggestion :

    Make some shortcuts easier to remember by turning them into 1 Cyclic shortcut… for example :

    ***** Tile Tab Stack Vertically = Ctrl + F9
    ***** Tile Tab Stack Horizontally = Ctrl + F8
    ***** Tile Tab Stack to Grid = Ctrl + F7
    ***** UnTile Tab Stack = Ctrl + F6

    I'd never be able to memorize these 4 different shortcuts unless I get to use them extensively… BUT if we had a shortcut which would cycle between all 4 of them, then I'd only need to remember 1 Shortcut :

    *** Tile Tab Stack = Ctrl + F6**

    There's another good side to this scenario too : Maybe a user wants to "Tile Tab Stack Vetically" and this one is at the end of the cycle (first Tile to Grid, next Tile Horizontally and finally Vertically)… while he is cycling through the different Tile Styles, he may even like another one rather than what he'd thought would be better...

    The cycle gives him the chance to view his Tiles by all the 3 Different styles and maybe by chance he loves one style to the other... all by 1 Shortcut...

  • I am using vivaldi on Fedora 21 x64 with KDE. Where is the rpm gpg key, I can't find it in /etc/pki/rpm-gpg. Every time, I update vivaldi, I have to specify the –nogpgcheck option with yum.

  • Confirmed…

  • BUG :

    I have 2 "Add Selection as new Note" menu entries when right clicking on a selected text…

    Also, (Read with Lumbergh Accent) If you could go ahead and add "Ctrl + Shift + C" or some other shortcut for taking notes fast, That'd be GREAT !

  • Import Notes still not working for me.

    The importing dialog stays endlessly on the screen with no activity from that process. Vista 32

  • I only see a single menuitem "Add selection as new Note" on Vista32

  • …And we have this: "VB-1824 - The “Accept and Install” text in the EULA link must change to “Accept and Upgrade” if we are upgrading"

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