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  • This week has been a bit emotional for some of us as we learned that the company many of us worked for before, Opera, dismantled its Oslo desktop team and fired some 70 employees around the world. As you can imagine, this is a major move for the company as this is where it all started, with the desktop browser in Oslo.

    Many of our good friends around the globe lost their jobs. Our thoughts are with them all. Clearly this makes our task even more important and we will continue to work hard making the best browser available for you, our friends.

    See the full blog post here

  • Haha ! First !

    Now let's head there and check this one out !

    I just read the news… and I got even more sorry for Opera's Fate...
    I knew I kept calling them ChrOpera over and over... but deep down, I always wished they'd expand and rise rather than fail and wither...

    I'm sorry...

  • Hope some of the fired Opera Desktop employees, especially in Oslo, can now work for Vivaldi.

  • Thanks!

    The Use Native Window option does not seem to work …

    Something went terribly wrong there(vista).

    Still, opening and changing tabs to the speed dial page is painfully slow. Delay 500+ ms. Since i'm spoiled by the old opera where the UI is butter smooth it leaves a bad impression…

    As for the situation in Opera i'm not surprised... It's probably just a matter of time when they decide that there is no money in the desktop market and just dump the desktop browser.
    History likes to repeat itself...

  • Good news about enabling native window decoration in Linux - but how do we do it? Where is the setting?

  • In Linux Window>Settings does not point to a settings page.

  • Ambassador

    Be careful, you have twice VB-5265 in the changelog (first and last)

    I'm really sorry for Opera's employees. But it was sadly predicted.
    When all you care about is the money coming in, you don't care about good platforms, good engineers, and globally, what is good in the long term.
    I hope they'll find jobs, and some at Vivaldi. The Desktop team was talented, and I always admired its job, even if sometimes I bitched about it. I did because I cared.
    Anyway, I wish only the best to all unfortunate Opera employee.

  • OK, found the setting but "Use Native Window" does not seem to do anything in Linux. What is it supposed to do?

  • vivaldi team If you were in 3º world you were accustomed to see your friends and you too unemployed, here in Argentina that is very common

  • What does "VB-5183 - NSL Progress bar on going back to SD" mean?

  • Ambassador

    On native decoration, for the settings at least, it seems you use your decoration system, then destroy it to add the native one (I see a flicker of the black border before the native decoration comes in). It would maybe be better for the perfs if the Vdec wasn't constructed at all.
    And native decoration doesn't seems to affect the main window. A new navigator window or settings are natively decorated, but not the first navigator window, windowed or maximized. For that window, there is no decoration at all (I mean, there isn't the three "minimize, maximize, close" buttons).

    I have a few errors in the console :
    [WARNING:flash/platform/pepper/pep_module.cpp(63)] SANDBOXED
    [5179:5214:0424/] Unknown FormFieldData pickle version 8
    [5179:5214:0424/] Failed to deserialize version 4 KWallet entry (realm:

    The last two are repeating a few times when opening settings.

    And when I push CTRL when the adress field is selected, I have
    [5179:5179:0424/] Gdk: gdk_window_set_user_time called on non-toplevel

    I don't know if those console errors are useful for you, so don't hesitate to tell me to stop or to continue.

    EDIT : I forgot to tell for the native decoration, I'm on Kubuntu 14.10, with OpenBox instead of KWin as window decoration.

  • Ambassador

    NSL = Never Stop Loading, SD means Speed Dial.

  • Ambassador

    I removed all of my New Opera versions yesterday. I decided that it would never come to anything worthwhile. I hope that Vivaldi''s fate is better, but no one is guaranteed success even if they have a good product

  • "Opera, dismantled it´s Oslo desktop team and fired some 70 employees around the world"


  • import from HTML file was not fixed (button should say another thing), and editing details on bookmarks tab (description and nickname) was not fixed, the tipping is very slow, any way see you next week good bye

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Thanks! So are we back to Friday snapshots?

  • Vivaldi Team

    Monday snapshots will return, but generally the rule is that we will make snapshots when we can and when it makes most sense overall. This time that means we gave you a Friday snapshot. Enjoy! 🙂

    Please note that you need to restart Vivaldi to get native look in your first window. I guess we need to make this clearer. We were just eager to show this to you already and get your feedback on this feature.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Thank you for the clarification. Native window look is like normal look but without window controls for me (Windows 8.1).

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Well, it works only for the 2nd, 3rd.. window but not for the first window.

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