Snapshot ( Feature polish and tons of bug fixes

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    I'm not trying to work around a bug, I know how to do it. I'm just reporting bugs.

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    Not yet. It's VB-2875.
    But please don't report issues multiple times. We know about issues as soon as they are reported once and doing so multiple times will create more work for us. It'll not get it fixed any faster.

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    All four issues are known. Thanks. 😉

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    Thanks for pointing us at this. I reported this as VB-5206 for you. 🙂

  • for me too it wasn`t fixed at all

  • and still i can't use middle button to open bookmark in new tab background, with expanded bookmark folders, its scrolling. Its annoying when a single thing do different things depends on situation. I also like to see customize tab stack. but Vivaldi is a good browser and im waiting to see it better 😉
    (sorry for my english)

  • #1 Untranslated entry when we save language (in preferences). In confirmation box "Restart required!" is untranslated. win7x64.

    #2 no "open in new tab / new windows / incognito" when I try… Quote Reply below (on this page), just here.....:

  • There are still two Opera 12.X and two Internet Explorer options in File\Import data. Neither of the Opera 12.x option works for the current Opera, however at least it displays an "Importing in progress" window, which is an improvement, but no importing actually happens.
    When I tried to import from Firefox it also gave a warning that I should close Firefox otherwise nothing will be imported. Opera was also running but no warning was given.

    I really like that I can edit bookmarks now on the speeddial window. Good job guys.

    Help\Check for updates still doesn't do anything.

    There's still a gap between the top of the tabs and top of the screen.

  • Ok I closed Firefox, it still gave a warning message but after clicking on Conntinue it imported my FF bookmarks.
    I closed Opera in case that was the problem, but it didn't help. The "importing in progress" goes on forever unless I click on somewhere else, because the Close button is inactive.
    Just noticed there are two Mozilla Firefox entries in the File\Import data menu too.
    All this on Win7 64 bit.

  • Vivaldi is getting better and better with each new release. Keep up the good work, guys (and gals)!

    I, however, would like to see some new features (that wouldn't be too hard to implement):

    • Fixed number of Speed Dial columns (so that when I make the window smaller or tile a Speed Dial tab, the layout would stay the same and each tile would get smaller). Think spatial memory - e.g. I know that I use a 5 column by 3 row layout and site X is in the top right corner and I want it to be there whatever the window size is.
    • Option to remove the new Speed Dial button - if I have a full 5 by 3 layout, I don't want that button to take up another row for itself only.

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    It's working here.

  • The bug announced in the build's 151 changelog as fixed was not fixed in that build and still happens in this build on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Vivaldi 32-bit.
    Please review.

    VB-4604: Backspace goes two pages back, not one page

  • Regarding polishing for the Technical Preview 3 - I would consider a major fix needed that it takes ages for Vivaldi to open the downloaded file. The indicator of progress is stuck at 100% and only after several minutes the downloaded file gets opened. 😕

  • VB-3901 - Save and save as in download dialog

    Finally! Thank you!
    A bug though: Save image as… context menu option still does not respect this Settings option and always saves to a default download location.
    Should I submit it as a bug report?

  • It's not his choice of the download manager, it's the same with every release of Vivaldi: if the download needs more time to finish, it will cancel the download because of "network problems" and you can't resume (not on Vivaldi nor ChrOpera, I tested both!), because if you resume, the download starts anew!

    I report it nearly every release and also got plenty of confirmed messages, but only one Vivaldi team member looked into it, at all and he never answered, after his first try. So slow Internet people are probably not that important, because everybody seems to have ultra fast Internet there…

    Every new build brings great new features, but the download of the builds is getting on my nerve every time. That's a shame.

  • okay, here's my question: when will someone say this is the best browser in the world, even in its infancy? And are we thanking the developers sufficiently? It is a browser "for our friends," and of course friends can be demanding. The developers would probably be demanding friends if they weren't so busy demanding of themselves.

    So here's a plain THANK YOU! It's wonderful!

    That said, I'm dying to see what mail will look like. I assume it will easily import Opera mail files, and wondering if it will be using the data base approach that Opera developed. I'm using Opera standalone mail, pretty good, though I don't see it being updated, sometimes has to be shut down and restarted. Reverts to default sorting, etc..

    One thing I'm sure of: it may look like Opera, but it will be better, cool innovations. In other words, it will be Vivaldi mail!

    Again, thank you all.

  • Thank you GREATLY!! The download dropdown selections of where and what are appreciated!! So much better !

  • Vivaldi Team

    We've got people working on performance issues, and this one is one of them, but it will take time, but as you now know this, maybe put down the guniiiehh I mean gif, and find the next bug that bugs you.

  • I found a small bug. If you move your mouse in the Speed Dial over a tile, then it should emerge. But that will not happen if you have the tile previously drawn to another (as you would create a folder).

  • try closing some expanded folders for middle mouse to work. Sometimes if I have more than 4 folders open, middle mouse mouse stop opening in new tab background


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