Snapshot ( Feature polish and tons of bug fixes

  • Vivaldi Team

    As each day passes, we close in on the next TP. We are spending lots of time fixing as many issues as possible to make the TP3 as good as it can be. We hope you are as excited as we are.

    To mention some of the most important changes and fixes, we fixed several issues related to installer/autoupdates. It should no longer cause any of the update/uninstall issues seen in the previous snapshot build.

    See the full blog post here

  • what do I have to do, to get the auto-update working? If I check manually nothing happens. And Vivaldi isn't updated automatically from last snapshot from this week to this one.
    Win7x64, standalone installation

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, it should be up and running any second now! 🙂 Thanks for reporting

  • Thank you for the update 🙂
    There is a new option for downloads. When i set "Open download panel automatically" the panel is not opening automatically.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, I can't seem to reproduce, what OS are you running? wfm @W 8.1 32 bit

  • Ambassador

    I'll copy past my comment from the 141.2 build :

    • Tabs navigation (-> by pressing the tab button) cycle through every item on every tabs
    • Spat Nav doesn't go on something else than links. Try to go to the "select" on this page (and it should also select the dots in the middle. Edit : The dots are selected, but I can't activate them (no click event produced), and some out of view dots are selected too but shouldn't.
    • If we try to select a part of the URL, it doesn't work, because the http part appears when you start selecting, moving the whole string, and thus, changing the place of what you wanted to select.
    • Ctrl+W doesn't work on source page, or in pref page EDIT : I should have said window.
    • Selecting the URL by getting to far to the left seems to activate the back gesture.
    • Mouse gesture doesn't work at all on my system (see bottom). The contextual menu open immediately instead (on the right click down, it doesn't wait the up).
    • I still have issue on hover. Vivaldi doesn't seems to detect the mouse until I click (no highlight, no tabs preview, no tooltips…). I have the same issue in Popcorn Time, and had it a few version back in Chromium. Same behaviour in page content (CSS :hover)
    • vivaldi://settingspage isn't accessible.
    • The tab UI is very slow when switching tabs (ie. ctrl+tab, the time so the tab change from inactive to active is long). In the whole, the interface seems sluggish in the windows/tabs handling (switching, new, closing…).
    • Alt+tab to vivaldi doesn't activate it : no shortcut work until a click in the window happen.
    • "Ctrl+T, Tab" doesn't lead to the search field but to the search engine selection button. In a normal page, selecting the url and tab lead to the bookmark button, then the search engine button, and then the search field.
    • The searched term stay on every tab in the search field. Could be normal behaviour.
    • With 5 tabs open, I have 12 vivaldi processes.
    • Tile vertically and horizontally aren't switched ? It's a bit confusing, but here I think it's only me.
    • Tile in grid with only two tabs tile horizontally, and the context menu doesn't menu (like when switching between horizontally and vertically).
    • Creating a stack with drag and drop is painful, hard, and confusing. The same to separate a tab from a stack by drag and drop. -> It's better for creating one but not there yet.

    Kubuntu 14.10 32b, upgraded sequentially from the first technical preview. No shenanigans in the prefs.

    Edit : And I'll add my post for the 123.10 build :

    • Spatial Nav : the blue border doesn't dissapear when I clic anywhere on the page.
    • Open in a new window in Speed Dial open the link twice in the new window
    • Mouse gesture in speed dial doesn't work -> Now it works only in speed dial…
    • There seems to be no hover effect when trying to create a tab stack. It's pretty weird, I don't know if I'll create a stack or move the tab.
    • You have to click three time in the url bar to select part of the URL. Shouldn't a long click activate text selection, or a single click activate the cursor, and double select all the url ?
    • F4 seems to activate the spatnav randomly (not on links, or on links on another tab)
    • When a tab preview open, there is a button to close it, but we can't attain it because if we move the mouse to the preview, the preview dissapear (bottom tab bar)
    • URL box for the search engines in prefs is very very very small. Also, no choice between POST/GET ?
    • In a twitter profile page, if we click on blank space around the middle column, the larger column seems highlighted.
    • A ctrl+tab window is needed to know where we'll land next.
    • Also in twitter, keyboard shortcut 4 or 3 don't work, they activate spatnav
    • The only shortcut I changed was putting dev tools behind F12. It doesn't work, but dev tools open when I press F, 1 or 2.
    • There is a space between the menu bar and the top of the screen, that means it's harder to attein thoses buttons.
    • Spatnav or mouse gesture don't work on the pref window.

  • I ran the auto-update and all my settings -speed dial, session, bookmarks etc.- are gone. I checked previous posts remembering a note about this could happen during a previous update and I don't see a profile folder. There is only User Data folder. How can I restore those??

  • #1 some "one key shortcuts" bug are still present 😞

    (especially while typing on quickreply field of some vBullettin powered forums, 1,2,3,4… are still acting in the wrong way)

    #2 vivaldi://startpage still not working as homepage.

  • Moderator

    It's highly unlikely that it deleted your stuff. Is it possible that it got installed into a new folder instead of updating your old install? Could you check that, please? And if that's the case, please tell us which kinds of installs and which folders they are in.

  • Yes, Win 8.1. Update 1 32 bit. I tested it again now. Now i understand. It opens just when the whole panel is closed. At me the bookmarks panel is always open. I thought that the download panel is automatically opening here

  • shortcut issue
    Example: Toggle menu position. Only "CTRL+M" is listed in shortcut preferences but it can be done with "ctrl+-" as well (ctrl and MINUS key).

    It apply for some other shortcuts as well (shortcut setting exist but not all active/default shortcuts are listed).

  • #3 XDA-developers forum (using the XDA-Classic theme) is not even possible to get the quickreply field focused.

  • Please when you gonna give us a Good Download Servers an with the Option PAUSE & RESUME when Using IMD! I Snapped i here!

  • I'm Obliged to Wait a Third party websites to download it

  • Yes, that's exactly what happened here. I had a portable install in g:\program files\vivaldi. Auto-update installed to g:\program\application, which didn't exist. The old (correct) location was retained and has the prior version.

  • Ok, found a little nuisance on this version. I downloaded the snapshot with Opera 12, installation proceeded smoothly. But when Vivaldi opened, I had lost all of my previous session, except for the last tab active. It happened to be tiled, so it is still in the same position and size as it was before (occupying half of the screen, on the right corner), but all of my other tabs, including those tiled and grouped are gone! I tried to retrieve them by clicking on the Trash icon, but to no avail. All 8 options read "Window with 1 tab > All/[Last Active Tab Title]". There was a 9th option that read "Window with 9 tabs > All/

  • I ran a search on all hard disks and installation directory has not changed.
    \Program Files\Vivaldi
    \Program Files\Vivaldi\Application
    \Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\ <– I noticed this under application
    \Program Files\Vivaldi\UserData

  • When zooming a lot on an image (to have the image bigger than the window), scrolling up doesn't show the top of the image.

  • OK. So, I closed it. Backed up Vivaldi folder and ran it again. Everything is back and it tells me an update is available. I started update again. Same thing happened but this time it recognized the session after the previous update. I closed it, opened it again and same thing. Everything is back and tells me there is an update available. Should I update manually?

  • @Damya15

    Resume/restore downloads works even from vivaldi itself.

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