Easter Snapshot

  • Playing around some more, I see that sometimes re-tiling works already, so it's apparently not an enhancement request, but already implemented. Cool. (However, sometimes it is not working properly always. Probably related to mixing normal/stacked tabs.)

  • Yes, now I know that, but before it did not occoure to me to do something like that to a Tab. A tab was only something that could be dragged, so I never tried or even had the Idea to do a shift clicking with it.
    For those who also not try this, but would like to stack their tabs, a visuell clue while dragging would be helpfull where they should drag the tab to, to create a stack. Currently only some kind of hover is done if you find the right spot. But if you ever only (like me) drag it to the middle, you will never find the right spot at the edges.

  • Request: Please make the tile stack icon/menu available when you are on a tab that is in a stack.

  • Features are good and all, but when will I be able to actually start browsing with Vivaldi? Tab cycling and page interactions are so laggy, it's frustrating to use.

  • Do you have any intentions to add possibility to maximize the window on OS X 10.10? It can only go to fullscreen now (single app mode or whatever they call it), whereas other apps show a plus sign while holding the Option key.

  • 1. please make the titlebar buttons more native to different Windows versions
    2. please add an option to hide the gap between tabs and the edge of the screen
    3. when i click "check for updates" nothing happens
    4. please add bookmark sync as soon as possible

    thank you for your efforts, im looking forward to making vivaldi my only browser and stop using opera 28..

  • adding "tile link with current tab" to the context menu would be super-handy!

  • adguard extension is not working, about log: VB-4711 Adguard no longer working in Vivaldi

  • Moderator

    Thanks for new build and great work! Just reported bug to ask alternative way to choose tiling layout when status bar is hidden : VB-4788

  • Yes!!

  • I like the tile stack thing but what about an option to split screen with normal/stack tabs? In this way I can have a fixed page for YouTube's videos and other one for normal browsing, so I can watch two things at the same time for e.g :-)

    This is already implemented in Maxthon.

    What do you think about?

  • Vivaldi Team

    It is not a bug. :)

  • Vivaldi Team

    The tiling features is not done. :)

  • Is it possible to resize the tile?
    If I want one page to have 1/3 and the other 2/3, how do I do that?

  • Vivaldi is crushing every now and then. There is no specific site where it happens. I tried on two computers, both have the same issue.
    Win 8.1 x64 (Vivaldi x64)

  • Settings sync too is very important.

  • I'll second this, no matter how feature-packed Vivaldi will end up being when a stable version finally gets released unless some performance improvements are made I can't see me using it. I can see that various users feel this way from other posts.

    Can we please get a developer reply on this topic? Are any performance improvements coming? One would think that new features would be added only when the core was already stable and snappy…

  • On Facebook, the chatbox is minimized despite having more than enough screen estate, compared to the previous snapshot where the chat list is permanently on the right-hand side.

  • I just registered here. The registration form has a few things to improve. Why do I have to give my full name?
    Notifications get activated when they not supposed to. For example when I step into the password field it already gives the "password is too short" message although I didn't type anything yet.
    The form doesn't check if I wrote anything into the First name,Last name and email field before I click Submit. Just make the notifications work when we leave those fields.

    Now on to the browser.
    In the menu Help\Check for updates… doesn't do anything. Doesn't give a message if it's the latest version or not.
    File\Import data has two Opera 12.x options. One supposed to be Opera 15.x. But neither of them does anything with all the checkboxes selected.
    I'm guessing that "Opera default location" is the installation directory in Program files and not the one in my user directory.

    Anyway nice job so far guys. I just wish you would work incrementally. Add a feature then debug it, only then add a new one.

  • More keyboard shortcuts please! like scroll up/down.

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