Tab stack tiling, on demand plugins in tabs, more mouse gestures, better import and a more snappy UI

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    Hover it and an "edit" button appears at the lower right of it, if you are logged in.

  • I also have the same problem…

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    It totally is.

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    Olli - can you tell us if that build has been pulled from the server?

  • Please, what is this '.7 build' which is mentioned above ?

    Is it for all OS ?

  • OKey ! hands up !
    I really gotta give it to you : "Great Job Guys !"

    You know my real concern : UI Performance !
    and in this build there seems to be a lot of work done on it… the UI feels snappier, the lags have mainly reduced and the panel reacts fast enough for us not to perceive it as lag...

    BUT the "Empty Tab Title" problem remains... you know the drill :

    1. You Open a new link in a new tab
    2. There is no Title for the tab nor there is a URL in the address bar
    3. it may take up to 5 seconds (depends on the bandwidth) for Vivaldi to show something as the Title for the tab.
    4. Sometimes unless you manually click on the tab, the Title doesn't change from the Ugly placeholder to the real title of the page.

    now don't get me wrong : there has been improvements on this issue (faster loading times and faster Title replacing) but it isn't completely fixed.

    Now heading to other parts :

    1. Pinned tabs shouldn't be closeable ! (sorry to repeating this every week !)

    2. The "New Baby" is Awesome ! but think of easier ways to toggle it… right now it takes many steps to split screen two tabs...

    3. I can't Import from Opera 15.+ : right now I have TWO "Opera 12.x" import options (there shouldn't be 2 ? should be ?) and none of them work (I don't have Opera 12.x anymore)

    4. the new progress indicator is good BUT most of the times it completes (goes to the end of the line) and I think the page has loaded but when I click on the tab, I find out that the page hasn't been loaded and rendered at all…

    5. make the "Plugins on Demand" option available in the Settings Page.

    Thanks again for all the new features and fixed…

    Opera ! Eat your Heart Out !

  • Me Too !

  • @Cjcr:

    can you show us an screenshot?


  • Thanks !

    Not sure how I overlooked that before. :oops:

    Mayhaps too busy looking for missing posts in the other thread. 😉

    BTW, the EDIT button appears also on your reply to me, and on a few of the other folks' posts, but does not function properly on those.

    Hmmmm…. 😕

  • Pinned tabs should be closeable just like any tab. Having to unpin them first is a waste of time. There's no close button on a pinned tab, so it's hard to do by accident.

    What is the mouse gesture for a new tab. Gesture Down over a link does not work. Nothing else I have tried works either.

  • Bug:
    If you have the tabs on left or right, the navigation buttons will disappear (back, forward , reload, and so on…)

  • Issue on Fedora 21, 64-bit:
    1. Input URL "http://vivaldi://apps"
    2. Click on either the "Vivaldi Web Store" or "Vivaldi" items.

    Result: The tab closes/crashes.
    Expected result: The selected page is opened.

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    Yeah. A bug. But at least it works on your own posts.

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    Briefly, some users could access "check for update" in Windows and get a update. Most who tried got a sign-in dialog box one could not get past. Some actually got that new snapshot downloaded. Now it appears to be gone from the server. I guess its presence there must have been an accident.

  • We need BOTH of those capabilities, IMNSHO.

  • No gestures seem to be working for me, what may be wrong?

    Another thing (it's been so for one or two builds before this one): text entered in "Quick commands" sometimes gets interpreted as a page nickname, so a new page may open even before hitting "Enter". Even if this is intended functionality, it should be optional and/or in a separate dialogue (like the one in Opera Presto - invoked by Ctrl+F2 by default IIRC).

  • Thanks.

  • Referring to #3: I've had this problem in the stand-alone browser across a couple of versions now. My File > Import Data choices are: Mozilla Firefox, Opera 12.x, Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer, Opera 12.x, Mozilla Firefox, Bookmarks HTML File, Opera Bookmarks File. In that order, and duplicated in just that way.

  • Issue on Fedora 21, 64-bit

    When I open the "Import data" function, neither Chromium nor Chrome show in the list of available browsers' data, yet both are installed.


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