New snapshot with an update for Chromium and Auto-Update on windows

  • Vivaldi Team

    This week’s big news is an update to Chromium 41. It has been merged into Vivaldi, changing up a lot of code, you can find Chromium 41’s changelog here. We’ve enabled first implementation of auto-update although it’s only available on Windows 32-bit so far. There is still a lot of work to be done before it is completed, but the basics are now in.

    See the full blog post here

  • Thanks as always! 🙂

    I noticed some favicons would not load in the bookmarks bar. It's been that way since the past builds, same with some speed dial thumbnails that sometimes won't load or just blank. I think there should be an option (like with speed dial) to refresh the icons on the bookmarks bar.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Nice and thanks. Happy testing 🙂

  • Thanks for the update.
    Dropped 900 points in the Peacekeeper test om my machine - from 6500 to 5600 …
    Any good reason for that?

  • Thank you for this new build 🙂

    1 - Can you show us the download speed in the download's side-panel?
    2- When we can see the mail thing?

  • Why not the dev chanel - Chromium 42?

  • Vivaldi Team

    To refresh icons in bookmarks bar, you have to visit the site, and then restart Vivaldi, we are working on a fix tho its not yet ready.

  • Vivaldi Team

    I'll go detective mode and figure out why.

  • Latest snapshot box on the right says, should be

  • It's more or less Google's developing branch, which can be inconsistent for Vivaldi.
    Using the beta channel makes sense, as it's way more reliable. Only bugfixes are (should be) needed here.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks for reporting!

  • You are now down to Opera Developer scores … 😉

  • As usual, well done!
    I don't have any great requests, since this is only the start of vivaldi project. But I wish you can sort of most of basic things first, then implement greater features. I can't swipe back/forward on a mac for example. Slow UI, etc.

    But enough of that, I'm really looking forward checking Vivaldi out in a couple of months when it matures even more 🙂

  • Mouse gestures is broken atm

    I'll sit this one out.

  • New snapshot v. for Windows still can not import data from other browser (IE)!!
    This error came out from the last release!
    Check and release the normal one!

  • bug: when you "use as speed dial" on multiple bookmark folders, the folder name incorrectly appear in speed dial tab This is actually a refresh problem. If you restart your speed dial tab again, the folder naming problem is fixed
    bug: favicon doesn't appear in folders in bookmark bar
    bug: couldn't use middle mouse button to open these bookmarks inside bookmark folders
    bug: adding new bookmark to speed dial, only half the preview image appear
    bug: Inconsistency. In settings you use control-shift-v for "paste and go" for keyboard shortcuts, If you right click the url there control-shift-v listed as paste as plain text
    bug: can not add new folders to bookmark from the bookmark panel via right click context menu. Right click a bookmark on the bookmark panel and select "New Folder"
    bug:right mouse click bookmarks inside a bookmark bar folders open the page. Right click should open up the context menu
    bug: If you look at import bookmarks and settings "from" list: Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome appears twice

    feature: shift-ctrl-v copy and paste and go short cut appears in setting, but we need paste and go in the context menu as well. Isn't it time to replace "paste as text" to paste and go" since there's no difference between "paste as text" and "paste"
    feature: need a way to sort bookmark in alphabetical orders with folders sorted at top

  • Glad to see progress being made. I'd love to use this as my main browser and thus help with testing/finding bugs, but I simply can't do so until actual extension support is added. I know you can add extensions, but I need to be able to interact with them (namely, Ghostery and uBlock).

    Keep up the good work on this browser!

  • Ambassador


    1 - Can you show us the download speed in the download's side-panel?


  • The only excuse for not working mouse gestures is your promise to release completely customizable mouse gestures next week with Mouse Down gesture for opening new tab working by default and gestures working on tab titles and special pages, i.e. speed dial and settings page.

    Also the most annoying regression of the last week has not been fixed: The backward navigation happens when I try to move cursor by words in a text field by using Ctrl+Left Arrow.

  • When I clicked on the 64-bit Deb link it downloaded a 64-bt RPM package and when I clicked on the 64-bit RPM link it downloaded a 64-bt Deb package. Odd right?

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