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  • VEEERY annoying too: ESC doesn't stop page loading…

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    Cant drag marked text into textareas or textfields :shock:
    BUG VB-4501

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    Closing Vivaldi with F4 while large download is running hides vivaldi but results in zombies on Windwos 7 x64 with 32buit-Vivaldi
    BUG reported as VB-4502

  • @Tatsuki:

    We will probably add an option to hide the text and show only favicon soon, as this was requested by some users.

    Awesome news! Can't wait! :D

  • Keep up the good work guys! My Opera 12.17 has finally become basically unusable as my Primary Browser and anything above that version stinks….but I'm LOVIN' Vivaldi!!! Aside from Mail and other features currently being worked on, do you (The Devs) or anyone else think the latest snapshot is secure enough and ready for me to make a final jump as my primary browser? Comments on this are appreciated....Thanks again for saving us all!!!

  • whats the difference between "paste" and "paste as text" in context menu? Isn't it time paste as text becomes paste and go

  • @neltherion:

    Thanks for the weekly fix snapshot !
    by the way, I'm downloading th 64bit version and this is the 2nd time it has failed midway… I'm thinking how many times should I try to start it again until it succeeds !
    Uh Oh ! Yep ! There it is ! it stopped at 85% ! now back to downloading 40MBs of data again ! how would that make you feel ?!:cry:
    Thanks Again !

    That's always happening for me. My Internet is damn slow and if vivaldi needs a long time to download, then the download stops halfway through. I just registered here to say it, because I always need to disable all other internet traffic just to get a new vivaldi version and that is irritating at least.

    I'm still missing some standard features to start with, like "disable rocker gestures", "decide where to save your downloads" or a "paste url and open it" function (why do I need a "paste url in plain text"?), so I am still waiting for the next snapshot. :)

    Keep the great builds coming and don't forget to add some standards aswell. ;)

  • I find it troublesome too, especially because trying to make tabs stack on a sluggish UI can be rather challenging. It needs an awful precision to tab stack instead of changing their positions, and with the UI lagging as it is now, it's nearly impossible…

    Thank you for the good progress on each snapshot !

    Still need some love for legacy Moz browser users, though, if you want us to join you, and make Vivaldi our main browser.

    Several UI things :

    (1) Need to be able to position the TAB BAR immediately above the web page content, below the other 'top' bars

    (4) Need to be able to merge the Nav bar and Menu bar into ONE bar, to save space

    (3) Need a Direct Access to the Full Screen Bookmark Manager, such as thru a Button and/or thru an additional Bookmarks Menu on the main menu bar

    (4) Need a Customize screen, where elements can be dragged and dropped to a variety of locations, or removed from view

    Thanks ! :)

  • In Win 64bit (Developer Build) I cannot play embedded audio files like on this radio site links to mp3 s I think maybe?? http://www.novaplanet.com/categorie/tag-mot-clef/les-nuits-zebrees

  • Hy there. I tried vivaldi since the first "open" version. It occurs to me that vivaldi has a very slow user interface. Loading content is also not the best. For example: in firefox (and other browsers) the content of a tab is shown when you click on it. I vivaldi it needs a little time to switch. Otherwise: I am happy to see a successor of opera :-) Good work!

  • I'm a user, not a developer, but I'll recommend you still don't make it your main browser just yet. It's still pretty sluggish and I'm having trouble with memory leaks and overusage from time to time, so I'd recommend you hold on a little bit. We all want to make Vivaldi the default browser in our PCs, but as it is now, it's not happening. But it's getting better every week, so we'll soon be able to!

  • Does anyone else have an issue with their RSS reader not noticing new blog posts here for 2 days, regardless of what the time interval to check for new posts is?

  • Please make it so chrome extension's icons appear, I have a couple extensions i want but can't use because i need to be able to click on their icons.

  • I'm using it as my primary browser it's probably secure enough yes, and the only issue I've had since I've started using it about 2 weeks ago is a couple times Vivaldi "crashed" (it just disappeared but i could still hear sound from it) and i had to kill it in task manager) but other than that it's great!

  • It seems like there is but it is not a priority.

  • +1 Sluggish Ui and Sluggish response to URL changes

  • +1 Pinned tabs shouldn't be closeable
    +1 When a page takes some time to load, the Progress Indicator stops at 50% (it seems 45%) until other parts are fetched…
    +1 Opening and closing the panel (by clicking on the trigger) makes the current page to flicker (due to resizing the page)
    +1 the generated thumbnails for each tab have an empty white space beneath them... this empty space not only shows for tabs but in speed dials and bookmarks thumbnails too.

    I am swearing here too:
    +1 Drag&Dropping multiple bookmarks doesn't work and although you can select multiple bookmarks but the one you have clicked for the Drag&Drop is moved to other folders and not all of them.

  • thanks for support :)

  • +1 bug: adding new bookmark to speed dial, only half the preview image appear

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