Weekly snapshot

  • The +/- keys seem to work for me when zooming. Using the 32-bit Linux version.

  • This progress indicator is not very consistent with the vivaldi style, is it?

    So maybe try something like this?

  • Moderator

    It would be nice to have a tab close on SHIFT-click…

  • @neltherion:

    and last but not least… PLEASE do something about the sluggish UI... if you want I can point to lots of scenarios where the UI starts to lag and loses its fluidity and smoothness... Just... Make it... Fast !

    Thanks Again !

    Totally agree! UI is not solid and snappy. I like the UI style but it should be fixed soon.

  • Are there any plans for supporting multiple profiles eventually?

  • @ozoratsubasa:

    i hope you add a "new folder" option to add a bookmark to new folder.


  • @Folgore101:

    Hello Viladi Team, can you tell us when it will be implemented the ability to drag tabs directly in the Bookmarks Panel? And when you can avail choose whether to display the bookmarks in alphabetical order?

    I'm eager for both of these as well.

  • ETA for new tabs opening in the background?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    SOON?! it's still in state of TP, not RC for final version… guys... optimizing should NOT be the priority in this early state of Vivaldi. (but I'm not saying that no optimizing can be done in that state - only that it should not be a priority)

  • please fixed Linux only mouse bug VB-1681 + VB-2085

    the Tilt scroll function not working (Logitech M560)
    push the scroll wheel left/right has function previous/next page in history.

    works on Opera 12.×, Opera 28, Chromium and Firefox

  • looking forward to favicononly-favbar. this is much more usable than speed dial imho.
    I hope you can open tabs with cmd-n while the current tab is still loading now?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I assume that something like this should be the indicator for "loading status" when visual (coloured) tabs are set ON and today's implementations should work when it's turned off :)
    it's a really nice concept from you! ;)

  • Moderator

    Also looking forward to favicon-only bookmark bar option.

  • Hey, can you add an option to close tabs from the Quick Command menu. I have tabs and address bar disabled and use the Quick Command menu to navigate vivaldi. It works great but whenever i need to close multiple tabs I have to go to each tab and use crt+w. This takes a long time depending on how many tabs I had open. Other than that I'm loving the browser. Been using it as my primary browser for the past months, no major issues. :)

  • Moderator

    Does anyone else find tab-stacking hard to use? It takes several attempts to get tabs to stack in the first place, then after expand tab stack, there's not way to collapse it again.

  • I second that, and I'll even add a few more things:

    1. Memory leaks: sometimes the browser just uses a lot more memory than what's actually needed, and that makes not only the browser, but the entire PC sluggish. I know memory leaks are a Blink problem, but other Blink browsers don't have those leaks THAT often - at least not when I used Chrome and ChrOpera.

    2. Sluggish UI: sometimes, just opening a new tab, trying to scroll the page, or even highlight a textbox make the browser stop responding for a while, but moving to other tabs while that lag occurs causes no problem, which means it's just Vivaldi having problems with that tab in specific.

    3. Never ending loads: sometimes pages will never stop loading, and clicking on the Stop button doesn't make it stop. You have to close the tab in order to make it stop loading and occupying bandwidth and memory usage.

    4. Sluggish response to URL changes: trying to open a new link on the same tab, like turning the page of a manga or trying to click on the next video on YouTube sometimes (more often than not) trigger a slow response to start loading and to show the results of what has been loaded. I believe Opera 12 had an option to show results as soon as they're loaded, as well as to wait a few seconds. I believe the problem is something within that line coupled with the sluggish UI.

    We all know we're dealing with a Tech Preview here, and it'll take time before we can have a stable version that does what needs to be done coupled with what we want to do. But those issues should be addressed as soon as possible!

  • download link does not appear to work. Tried it in Opera. No luck. Please investigate asap. Thx.

  • Works now. Not certain what happened…or thanks for the quick work. ;-]

  • I agree with bookmark. I install a fresh install of vivaldi every week/every snapshot because I feel that bugs remain from the old build if I install the new build over the old e.g middle mouse to open speed dial didn't work on bookmarks until I did a fresh install

  • bug: couldn't use middle mouse button on side panel bookmarks to open new tab in background
    bug: when you "use as speed dial" on a bookmark folder listed above default speed dial folder in the side panel bookmark, this folder automatically get renamed into "speed dial" in the speed dial area. This is actually a refresh problem. If you restart your speed dial window again, the renaming problem is fixed
    bug: favicon doesn't appear in folders in bookmark bar and couldn't use middle mouse button to open these bookmarks
    bug: when adding new bookmarks to speed dial, preview image doesn't appear
    bug: delete a bookmark, the bookmark indicator doesn't get updated
    bug: add the same webpage you just deleted to bookmark, it won't add
    bug: speed dials preview image don't remember cookies
    bug: adding new bookmark to speed dial, only half the preview image appear
    bug: Inconsistency. In settings you use control-shift-v for paste and go for keyboard shortcuts, If you right click the url there control-shift-v listed as paste as plain text
    bug: can not add new folders to bookmark from the bookmark panel via right click context menu. Right click a bookmark on the bookmark panel and select "New Folder"

    new bug: create new tab, preview remain even when you move mouse cursor away from the tab. Odd behaviour. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't

    feature: shift-ctrl-v copy and paste and go short cut appears in setting, but we need paste and go in the context menu as well
    feature: need a way to sort bookmark in alphabetical orders with folders sorted at top

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