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    It’s Monday, it means time for another snapshot 🙂

    This week, we've added 3 new languages including Lojban 🙂

    • Indonesian
    • Persian (not supported in Chrome)
    • Lojban (not supported in Chrome)

    See the full blog post here

  • The round progress animation on none-active tabs seems awkward for showing a "progressbar". I think you should consider another way of displaying this.

  • Yay! My favorite part of Monday!

    Still waiting for no background loading and title bar!

  • Thanks for the weekly fix snapshot !

    aside from the low performance of UI (come on ! I've got to at least point to it every week !) I was thinking about a way to backup our bookmarks…

    in the coming builds, there will be an issue which clears all of our bookmarks (it will happen ! it happened to ChrOpera and will most likely happen to VIvaldi too !) and the need for a tool to backup our bookmarks is real...

    I'm not talking about some fancy stuff ! just a button and a destination for us to backup our bookmarks and another option to import them in case they're wiped out... this will also save you from future user complaints about losing their bookmark after updating...

    by the way, I'm downloading th 64bit version and this is the 2nd time it has failed midway... I'm thinking how many times should I try to start it again until it succeeds !
    Uh Oh ! Yep ! There it is ! it stopped at 85% ! now back to downloading 40MBs of data again ! how would that make you feel ?!😢

    and last but not least... PLEASE do something about the sluggish UI... if you want I can point to lots of scenarios where the UI starts to lag and loses its fluidity and smoothness... Just... Make it... Fast !

    Thanks Again !

  • I actually agree with that one regarding bookmarks. Some time it's bound to happen, and when it does, it'll be nice knowing you have all your info saved. We could go even further and export all your settings and preferences!

    Regarding the 64bit version, I have never had any trouble downloading it. I'm using a Windows 7 64x, and downloading every Vivaldi instance with Vivaldi itself.

  • The browser is more responsive now. Thank you! 🙂

  • Moderator

    This i should comment in the last post… I loved you guys added more space to the "description" field when u add a bookmark 🙂
    i hope you add a "new folder" option to add a bookmark to new folder.

    keep the good work guys

  • Moderator

    Hello Viladi Team, can you tell us when it will be implemented the ability to drag tabs directly in the Bookmarks Panel?
    And when you can avail choose whether to display the bookmarks in alphabetical order?

    Thank you for the work you do.

  • Hi.
    When we will see the extensions buttons next to the address bar? Without that Vivaldi is practically useless for me and still my primary browser is Opera Developer.

  • I really like the addition of the progress bar indicator for background tabs, but as "neltherion" pointed out the interface is still sluggish compared to Opera (Blink-based) and that along with proper extension support is what is currently holding me back from using Vivaldi.

  • Love. 🙂
    Thank you for another weekly. You guys know how to keep us eager! 😉

  • yeah, tab preview beside the tab when tabs are at the side, thank you!

  • Once again, mods, please remove this deceptive link from this repeat spammer.

  • OK… Here's something I Feel should be mentioned :

    The progress indicator is a really good thing... BUT something is structurally wrong when a tab starts to load. I have a slow connection at home and I can tell you what's wrong :

    **1.**Open a link in the background : a new tab is opened BUT the tab is empty : no title, no progress indicator… just an empty tab with an ugly favicon...

    2. after a while (depends on the Internet connectivity) which may be nearly 10 seconds or more the progress indicator starts showing and a placeholder URL is shown next to it. the tab takes a while to load, but when it does, the Title of the tab is not changed : it remains the prior placeholder URL which it was showing.

    3. Unless the user explicitly clicks on the tabs, the title doesn't change from the URL.

    now let's compare this to ChrOpera :

    1. Open a link in the background : a new tab is opened with a Progress indicator just spinning and a "Loading" or "Untitled" title.

    2. after a short while the title is changed to the Real title of the page (the one inside <title>XYZ</title> ). the difference here is that ChrOpera DOES have a URL placeholder in the initial phase of loading the tab, but as soon as the pages Header is loaded, it changes the Title to the real one…

    3. there is no explicit need to click on the tab to remind ChrOpera to refresh its title…

    now the problem lies somewhere between steps 1 and 2. Vivaldi doesn't even show a placeholder title in the tab UNTIL sometime later and this is really frustrating... the User thinks he has opened an empty tab and until the progress indicator is shown (which may take up to 10 seconds or even more) he believes so...

    this problem shows its ugly face when you're opening multiple tabs from a Google search and then you are faced with 10 tabs with no names, no indicators and no status... until some of them start loading...


  • Just to add on that:
    If you have the tabs on the left, you always have to click on the tab to see the thumb

  • Here are some other stuff (I swear this is the last one !) :

    1. Pinned tabs shouldn't be closeable… not by middle clicking on them and not by pressing "Ctrl + W".

    2. I type something in address bar and press "Enter" => The page starts sending the query to google => I press "Ctrl + T" to open a new tab => It doesn't work until a part of the page is loaded ! sometimes I think I haven't pressed them right and keep pressing "Ctrl + T" and then suddenly a lot of speed dials open out of nowhere… as if vivaldi buffers them and after the page loads, it runs the shortcuts...

    3. Press "Ctrl + T" very fast to open multiple empty tabs and see Vivaldis performance hit the floor !

    4. When a page takes some time to load, the Progress Indicator stops at 50% (it seems 45%) until other parts are fetched…

    5. Opening and closing the panel (by clicking on the trigger) makes the current page to flicker (due to resizing the page)

    6. I have enabled the "Bookmarks favicons" but the favicons are not showing.

    7. the generated thumbnails for each tab have an empty white space beneath them… this empty space not only shows for tabs but in speed dials and bookmarks thumbnails too.

    8. Drag&Dropping multiple bookmarks doesn't work and although you can select multiple bookmarks but the one you have clicked for the Drag&Drop is moved to other folders and not all of them.

  • should not be a Vivaldi installer translated as well? It's all written in English even when the default language for update is automatically set as "Czech" (and that's correct).

  • Yes, it is really annoying (the title thing and the refresh of the screen preview)

  • +/- keys no longer zoom in or out, slider in status bar OK.
    Win 8.1 X64 - 32-bit Vivaldi

  • Thanks for another update.
    I guess still too early for an ETA on Vivaldi Mail?

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