Subject: Snapshot Mea Culpa

  • Vivaldi Team

    After we released the snapshot yesterday, some observant testers checked the release for the recent FREAK vulnerability, and found that The Linux and Mac versions were vulnerable. 😞

    FREAK is "just" the latest SSL/TLS releated with its own trademarked name (following in the footsteps of Heartbleed, POODLE, Shellshock and others).

    See the full blog post here

  • Thanks Yngve for a quick and honest response to the problem.

  • great!

  • This may be more an effect of Vivaldi failing to properly reinitialize a page's javascript after pressing the Back button, but in this new version (, if you
    1. go to
    2. click on a link there, and then
    3. click the "〈" (Back) button (or command-left on OS 😵 to go back to,
    the page once again gives the warning "Warning! Your browser is vulnerable to the FREAK attack…". Note that this doesn't happen when I press "Back" in other FREAK-proof browsers.

  • As the official download of the release is up top, please, no one touch this needless (and possibly virus-laden) download link. Comments need a "report" button.

  • Heh! At this rate, we're approaching nightly releases… :lol:
    But thanks for your staying on top of things!

  • "LATEST SNAPSHOT" needs an update (speaking about the "Get the latest version of Vivaldi" side panel.)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Please disable tab thumbnails for the active tab. It's annoying and has no sense.

  • Moderator

    Loving the quick reaction time, and the nimbleness of Vivaldi's development process right now. Hope it never changes.

  • Thank you for the new build. 🙂

  • I wonder if it would be possible to offer the Linux version as a archive.

    Firefox for example can be downloaded as a tar.bz2, and the 12.x series of Opera was offered with a similar option.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Isildur: Please note that I am not seeing this in the windows version. I suspect that this could be, in part, an artifact of how such tests are usually implemented, and partly how history navigation works. Such a test, where the test is actually done in the background, could write HTML as "Failed" when the page is generated (IMO it should say "Not tested"), then start the test, and if the test result is considered to meet expectations for passing, change the text in that part of the page to "Passed" by updating the DOM. As the test is implemented using Javascript, unless the full DOM state is kept in history, the Javascript would have to be run again when the page is displayed again. I suspect that our implementation of history navigation does not trigger a rerun of the Javascript code needed to run the test, so the original HTML remains displayed, not the previously updated DOM version. At least on Windows it looks like the test is run again after history navigation.

  • …nur wer nichts tut, macht keine Fehler, erfreulich, dass Ihr den Fehler sofort beseitigt habt.Respekt für Euren Ehrgeiz, und für diese VivaldiGemeinschaft, weil die Entwicklung es ist, die vom Dialog profitiert. ... But Who does nothing makes no mistakes, gratifying that your habt.Respekt eliminates the error immediately for your ambition, and for this Vivaldi community because it is the development that benefits from the dialogue.😃

  • really so sad that opera is leaving us 32 bit linux users with a browser full of vulnerabilities, they absolutely suck!… thanx, i mean it for the hard work and this idea of picking up those who were left behind from opera.

  • Moderator

    Do not worry, these things can happen.
    And then we are here to test.

    If you really feel guilty, you can be forgiven by inserting some beautiful new feature, to be tested in the next version. 🙂

  • bug: couldn't use middle mouse button on side panel bookmarks to open new tab in background
    bug: when you "use as speed dial" on a bookmark folder listed above speed dial folder in the side panel bookmark, this folder automatically get renamed into "speed dial" in the speed dial area. This is actually a refresh problem. If you restart your speed dial window again, the renaming problem is fixed
    feature: shift-ctrl-v copy and paste and go short cut appears in setting, but we need paste and go in the context menu as well
    feature: need a way to sort bookmark in alphabetical orders with folders sorted at top
    bug: favicon doesn't appear in folders in bookmark bar and couldn't use middle mouse button to open these bookmarks
    bug: when adding new bookmarks to speed dial, half the preview image appears until we reload this image
    bug: delete a bookmark, the bookmark indicator doesn't get updated
    bug: add the same webpage you just deleted to bookmark, it won't add

  • windows 7
    latest version vivaldi…
    try to install it with clean install..
    tab tool tip - images snapshot is full but not fit (stretch) in tab preview. but in another view snapshot on thumbnail in tab when you resize on tab is full but the images not centre.
    and the tooltip bar drop list (on back toolbar) still open on different monitor. please fix it...
    and on < > content blocker can you give an options to choose what item to be block... ok bro team dev...

  • Happy to see how fast Vivaldi react 🙂

  • Thanks for the reply. Yeah, as I indicated at the beginning of my post, I figured it might well be just something related to the javascript of the test not being fully reinitialized. In any case though, a difference between the implementation of history management on the Windows and OS X versions might be something to check on – ideally, DOM and javascript management should be consistent across OS releases where possible, no?

    Note: In the OS X case, at least some of the javascript is rerun, because with javascript turned off, no result DIV is made visible (Before JS starts running, both the DIVs with success and warning result messages start out with a class "hidden", which is set to display:none and visibility:hidden in the CSS).

  • Thanks! But I cant comment on this Blog with vivaldi…
    Feature Request: Is there a possibility to get back or add RightClick->"Open Link in same Tab"

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