Weekly snapshot is available for download

  • FWIW: I don't like the new spatnav animation either. It's a bit too distracting and additionally when keeping shift+arrow pressed, it simply lags behind your actual focus. Now it's only usable when you very carefully hit shift+arrow one at a time, with some time between keypresses. Form over function.
    The focus indication as it was in the previous build was fine: both clear enough (opposed to other browsers' default focus indication which is often hardly noticeable when you don't press your nose at the screen) and aesthetically pleasing. The algorithm still needs a lot of work though.

  • @reesmichael1:

    … does the vivaldi:about page still say this snapshot is (on Linux x64)?

    –> no, not on my Linux Mint 64bit 17.1 KDE: "Vivaldi (Developer Build) snapshot
    Revision a20d606eb82c47e2c2d93741e631fd47833a9690
    OS Linux
    Blink 537.36 (@434a80ee242a468d3003e9fd5b6b50dd57b38247)". I would prefer though that this info did also confirm that it is the 64 not 32bit version.

  • Thanks for the build… here I go (again !) :

    I'm one of the few who is alwasys nagging about the UI Performance every week... I'm using multiple systems with different hardware every day and I can tell that the UI Performance of Vivaldi is in a poor condition...

    ***** opening a new tab (Ctrl + T) is slower than ChrOpera on a high end system and a LOT slower on a low end system. what bothers me is that the performance difference between ChrOpera and Vivaldi on the slower systems are far from each other… on a low-end system ChrOpera still performs well while Vivaldi ends up reacting very slow.

    ***** Clicking on a tab has a slow reaction. this happens when clicking on the "Plus" button to create a new tab : the plus button itself reacts fast but then you will FEEL the slow reaction when it takes some time to either create a new tab or load a tab.

    ***** Frankly in this build the UI is even performing slower than before… I can tell because I've installed multiple versions of vivaldi on multiple systems and the previous version works and reacts faster than the new build...

    I should tell you that the problems I mentioned above happen on low-end systems and a high-end system has fewer slowdowns (but the UI is still slow even on them) and what bothers me is that ChrOpera still reacts faster and smoother in comparison to Vivaldi on both types of systems...

    I know... These are "Tech Preview" and "Snapshots"... but I can remember that even ChrOpera 15 had a faster UI than the current Vivaldi.

    Please don't consider this as a destructive comment... I want Vivaldi to shine more than any other browser but Performance-related issues must be tackled from the very start or they will become the bottleneck later...

    and Personally, I Feel that a "ReactJS" based UI is not a really good choice when compared to a Native UI... but as I don't have more information about the Vivaldi UIs architecture, I shut up for now !

    Thanks !

  • VB-3923: C++ <-> Javascript communication channel for Vivaldi UI

    possible this is part of solution 😉

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    Strange Spatial Nav.
    On my blog at http://labs.gwendragon.de/blog/ i cant always go down into into link lists in articles. And in bottomnavi horizontal move sometimes jumps out of navi.

  • It's been a long time since I've been excited enough about a web browser to install a weekly build. So far I'm enjoying it.

    Obviously it still has plenty of growing to do before it can replace Opera 12, but I really am excited about Vivaldi, and it's potential to be something more than just another Firefox/Google Chrome clone (which is sadly what Opera became after we lost Jon).

    Thank you for all of the hard work, and I look forward to your next snapshot.

  • thanks.

  • Have been loving V since TP1 [t/y V Team!], & effectively began using V as primary browser since one of the early Snapshots. Tis a bit sad though that this latest snapshot is more buggy than all b4 [for me at least, in Linux Mint 64bit 17.1 KDE]. Still have the constant fault since TP1 that with more than maybe a doz tabs open, multiple tabs crash & sometimes refresh helps, sometimes doesn't. This fault seems even worse now in latest Snapshot, + a brand new bug now… Side-Panel is buggy; click on Bookmarks panel icon works ok, as with each of the three below. However, i've learnt now to NOT click the Notes icon, as doing so then breaks the Panel. In Notes none of my existing notes will show [the subjects are there, but i cannot see their contents in the pane, nor can i edit them or create a new note. Worst of all though is that having entered this defective Notes area, i now cannot return to any of the other panel icons; regardless of what i click, the notes stay in view, & often after this, V crashes outright. It's all a bit sad. Hoping for fixes next week pls… However V remains very fresh & exciting -- Yay for V.[/color]

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    Please add a feature to disable the display of numbers of bookmarks in forlder

  • I am using constantly the so called 'rocker gestures' (back/forward navigation via right > left mouse click and vice versa) in Opera and although they were not announced in Vivaldi - tried to see if/how they work here. It looks that there is no explicit definition of their behavior - for some sites left>right buttons work for me as 'back' (instead the opposite), then right>left works either as 'forward' or not working at all. Do you intend to make the mouse clicks usable or we should try to live with the gestures only? 🙂

    PS. And also to report a bug that has been fixed in previous build: if you are on the current blog page 2 > then press 'Reload' button > the result is '404 - Not Found. This is not the page you're looking for…'.

  • If you want my feedback here there are my thoughts on Vivaldi

    give it a look and if reading it you think "this user is asking for feature X" don't reply at all because you didn't understand what I wrote in that message.

  • @neltherion:

    I've tried downloading the 64bit version several times (7 times now) : the download starts very slowly, the bandwidth has a lot of variance and almost always starts its downside when near 40% progress…
    at the end the download stops and I can't resume the download...
    This problem isn't new and every week I have to wait a couple of hours until there's enough bandwidth to download Vivaldi without interruptions...

    my problem is too. i have to download from another site every week. why nobody care about?

  • http://facebook.github.io/react/

    Basically it's a javascript library for building User Interfaces. To my understanding Vivaldi uses it to make the browser look pretty. If Vivaldi could give a run down of all the components they use and how they work, that might be interesting, but As far as I know React.js is used for the part that you normally see, things like the tab bar, menus, and browser effects like that neat color change in vivaldi. I assume all of those things are controlled by react. Basically react probably paints the buttons on the screen. If someone can explain it more in depth they're welcome to.

  • Why can't I play any videos found on web sites using the latest version of 64 bit Vivaldi? I have the latest flash player plugin on Vivaldi.

  • @Steffie:

    In Notes none of my existing notes will show [the subjects are there, but i cannot see their contents in the pane, nor can i edit them or create a new note.[/color]
    Same here on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, 32-bit Vivaldi version.

    I checked that it does not happen on a fresh install - thus not having notes. New notes can be created in such case. But when upgrading from build 118 to 123, the notes that were created cannot be viewed as described above by Steffie and new notes cannot be created. Please fix this urgently in the next weekly build.

    For the time being, is there any workaround to unblock the notes in this build?

  • Same here on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, 32-bit Vivaldi version.

  • @Steffie:

    In Notes none of my existing notes will show [the subjects are there, but i cannot see their contents in the pane, nor can i edit them or create a new note.[/color]

    Same here on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, 32-bit Vivaldi version.

  • Wouldn't it be a quick-fix to introduce two keyboard shortcuts even in the next weekly build:

    • Ctrl+Shift+C - for "Copy to Notes", as in TORE (The Old Real Opera)
    • Esc - for "Stop loading the page", as in any other browser

  • There is some bug with this blog. When I reload this very page or try to open its URL (https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog/item/!/ccomment-page=2) into a new tab, I am redirected to the following URL, and Error 404 is displayed. What is going on and why?

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    In Notes none of my existing notes will show [the subjects are there, but i cannot see their contents in the pane, nor can i edit them or create a new note.[/quote]
    Same. W7 64bit


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