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    User Agent in Help/About tells you. if it says WOW64, it's 32-bit. If it says 64-bit, it's 64-bit.

  • If the pace of progress on the browser keeps going this way, we are going to need help. I can see it now –-- "Hi I am <insert your="" name="">, and I am a Vivaldi browser weekly snapshot addict. I don't care about what I am doing, if there is a snapshot I am bloody downloading it, and installing it!" :D</insert>

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    Yeah, it's fixed internally already, but didn't make it into this snapshot. 😉

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    My bugs :

    • Spatial Nav : the blue border doesn't dissapear when I clic anywhere on the page.
    • Open in a new window in Speed Dial open the link twice in the new window
    • Mouse gesture in speed dial doesn't work
    • There seems to be no hover effect when trying to create a tab stack. It's pretty weird, I don't know if I'll create a stack or move the tab.
    • Is there a way to separate a stack by grabbing a sub tab ?
    • SpatNav : I don't know if it's normal, but on that page http://www.cqoicebordel.net/travel-time-metro-d3/ I can't activate any subway station. Doesn't enter or space should generate a click event ?
    • You have to click three time in the url bar to select part of the URL. Shouldn't a long click activate text selection, or a single click activate the cursor, and double select all the url ?
    • F4 seems to activate the spatnav randomly (not on links, or on links on another tab)
    • When a tab preview open, there is a button to close it, but we can't attain it because if we move the mouse to the preview, the preview dissapear (bottom tab bar)
    • URL box for the search engines in prefs is very very very small. Also, no choice between POST/GET ?
    • In a twitter profile page, if we click on blank space around the middle column, the larger column seems highlighted.
    • A ctrl+tab window is needed to know where we'll land next.
    • Also in twitter, keyboard shortcut 4 or 3 don't work, they activate spatnav
    • The only shortcut I changed was putting dev tools behind F12. It doesn't work, but dev tools open when I press F, 1 or 2.
    • There is a space between the menu bar and the top of the screen, that means it's harder to attein thoses buttons.
    • Spatnav or mouse gesture don't work on the pref window.

    And what I miss the most to be able to use it more :

    • Mouse gesture to open a new tab
    • RMB+scroll to switch tab (but I guess, we need that window previously mentionned first)

    Kubuntu 14.10 32b.

  • It looks really nice! Can't wait until everything is implemented and working as it should. Well, everything is of course relative, there can always be more featured added! For now, there are just some simple things needed to be able to use this as a daily browser.

    Also, the Spatial Navigation you mentioned specifically in this blog, is working not as I would expect. If I open a page, then scroll down using either keyboard or mouse, and then use SHIFT+arrow, the spacial blue borders always start from the top of the page and therefore the page scrolls back up. This also happens the other way around (move the blue box halfway down the page, scroll up with mouse or keybord, move blue box again - it then continues from where you left it down, and not what you are actualy looking at)

  • D'oh, it still has the crash bug I reported via the bug submission form, a couple versions back. If I'm on Vivaldi on OS X and I open the element inspector (Right click anywhere, choose "Inspect element"), then press ⌘-c (to copy) it crashes. Does this not crash Vivaldi for any OS X user? (Feel free to try it and report back – I'm curious if it affects all OS X cases. At least one other forum user so far has confirmed seeing it, too.)

  • Vivaldi is vulnerable to the FREAK flaw on OS X
    Just a little heads up!

  • Please forgive my ignorance, but is there a place to report bugs? I was unable to find this. Its very nice software, and I would like to help.

  • Okay, nevermind, I finally found it. (right in front of me of course)

  • Every week a step closer to the full build! Loving it so far! Here we go:

    -Although i love Tab Preview, I think the time between hovering the mouse over the tab and the preview showing up is too small. Sometimes I only wish to close the tab or open another one on the background and the preview pops up. It's annoying. You should make the time for the preview to pop up longer or customizable.

    -Again with Youtube videos not being rendered past 360p. Only happens to Vivaldi.

    -Tab preview doesn't show anything until that tab has been opened. Even so only shows part of the page, with the bottom half being blank.

    Currently using the 64 bits version - Windows 7. Keep up the good work! The UI response is faster, loading pages has become less sluggish, and now I'll try out all other sites I usually visit. Loving the work so far!

  • We need a proper Extension Support. What we have now can be considered clandestine, not to mention some extensions don't work.

  • So far, it appears I'm still getting a duplicate icon in the taskbar when I open Vivaldi (32-bit stand-alone on Win7-64 SP1). The good news is that at least now I can download files successfully from within Vivaldi - sort of. But not within a limited user account - there, it starts the download into the account's download folder, but at the end of the download, the file stub simply disappears leaving an empty folder and no complete file anywhere on the system. On a positive note, however, in the admin account, downloading is successful into the admin account's download folder, starting with the download stub file and remaining as the complete file there when downloading ends - so in an admin account, at least, downloading is working properly now here.

  • So…am I crazy (read: unable to properly install software), or does the vivaldi:about page still say this snapshot is (on Linux x64)?

  • bug: If you use any bookmark folders from the panel that is listed above "speed dial" folder as "use as speed dial" the folder gets automatically renamed to "speed dial". You see the renamed folder above the speed dials

  • This update fixes the tab previews which show in the right position for those that use vertical tabs but it introduced a new bug.

    In the previous version I could un-check Use Tab Tooltips and it disabled the tab previews. Now it actually just enables tooltips + preview.

    Maybe it was a bug in the previous release but I want to disable tab previews for my vertical tabs. Just think 1 minute. If you have vertical tabs right now in Vivaldi you already see each the tab in full, I don't want a preview each time I hoover over, its annoying in this case and it servers no purpose. Please enable the feature back to disable tab previews.

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    Thank you for removing the dashed lines on the highlight bookmark or folder and for fixing folder opening. Still eager to see the line height reduced so we can see more bookmarks/folders in the tree without scrolling.

  • Great work! Vivaldi is much faster and more stable, Page preview is correct by bottom placed tabs, and Vivaldi doesn't crash by clicking of padnum '+' button. More and more is usable! :lol:

  • @Cqoicebordel:

    • Mouse gesture in speed dial doesn't work
    • Mouse gesture to open a new tab

    The single most thing that prevents me from testing it more than a few minutes after a new version is released are working mouse gestures. I absolutely need a down gesture for new tab to use a browser on a regularly basis and it also has to work on the speed dial page.

  • There's a little hope that Vivaldi is support the speed dial extensions in the future?

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