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  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi everyone,

    Last week, our team focused on getting the second Technical Preview out the door.

    We got some nice media coverage, yay! Thanks everyone for helping us to spread the word!

    The work on improving spatial navigation is ongoing. We’ve tweaked the link selection algorithm and few other things but we still have more to do before this feature works perfectly.

    We also improved the on-demand image loading feature. You can now decide which image to load while you are in Show only cashed images mode. For a image not loaded, you can right click and choose Reload Image. It's still work in progress but we thought you might be interested.

    We have also done some work to improve the speed of the Vivaldi UI. This includes updating some components, noticeably React. Hopefully, you notice some nice UI performance improvements 🙂

    See the full blog post here

  • 3 things I'm missing, and I can not wait for them to appear in Vivaldi: History, Download Manager and extensions. But anyway, congratulations, on the first TP turned my default browser

  • a new bug: menu (like edit, help, tools etc) can't be closed by ESC nor by click elsewhere. (speaking about "normal" menus, not collapsed one/not Vivaldi menu/)
    W8.1 x64 with this x32 build (clean standalone install for test purpose)

    PS: nice to see tooltip (preview) fixes! 🙂 Finally an usable version for us who use tabs elsewhere than on the top.

    edit: still can't group tabs by dragging them if tab menu is on left/right side - hopefully a known bug.
    (when on the top/bottom groups work just… fine... but one has to try a lot to avoid switching position instead when trying to grouping)

  • Cannot switch off tab preview (does not matter what I put in settings).
    I use tabs on the left.
    Win7x64 Vivaldi x32

  • ? History is in your speed dial. About extensions you can already install many of them from Chrome Webstore.

  • I don't like new spatial navigation animation… 🙂 Can I turn off it?

  • there is no such setting for it (yet) so it's "OK" that you could not turn it off 😛

    anyway, I know what you meant by that and I think that's it's just a matter of time as many other things is. Resources are limited.

  • @ahoj1234:

    there is no such setting for it (yet) so it's "OK" that you could not turn it off

    Use Tab Tooltips worked in previous versions …

  • When 64 bit version of Vivaldi snapshot will not be experimental?

  • my bad. We translated it as "Use tab titles" so that's why I wasn't expecting this (from the option). I will fix translations then and developers will hopefully fix your issue 🙂

  • Moderator

    For me, Google safe browsing is useless. I never enabled it. Last time i checked, Goog'SafeBrowsing malicious lists was made from distributed MSIE install, harvesting billions of "predefined" Web urls, looking for potential "drive by downloads", until some nasty behavior was detected on honeypot Win system…
    See http://static.googleusercontent.com/media/research.google.com/fr//archive/provos-2008a.pdf

  • What is React?

  • A mid mouse click still doesn't open a bookmark or speed dial in a background tab. Only links on pages work with the mid mouse click.
    And i hope we get the "paste and go" right click option in the address bar soon.


    • right click on a folder -> open in new window: each bookmark of that folder will be open twice and each one in a new window. Shouldn't it open only one new window with each bookmark in a new tab?
    • right click on a folder -> open in new window: if there is a subfolder, the new opened windows flicker.
    • create new folder: the folder will not show up in the bookmarks tree until i type a letter for its name. Thats a bit confusing. Directly after a click on the new folder button, i don't know if it created a new folder or not.
    • click on a folder to mark it -> press ctrl and click on the same folder again to unmark it -> if you now create a new folder with the button on top, it renames that old folder instead of creating a new one (and removes the speed dial flag, if the folder has it).
    • update thumbnail does not work if i mark two or more bookmarks
    • if i mark multiple folders as speed dial folders, it shows always the name of the first folder in the start bar (or however it is called, i mean the one on top of the speed dial pages). The tab name and the pages of all folders work, only the name in the bar is wrong.

    Speed dial:

    • right click -> open in new tab: opens the page in a background tab.
    • i miss the right click options "open", "open in background tab", "edit (to edit the url without searching it in the bookmarks)"

  • Is there the way to start Vivaldi with speed dial only? Not with all yesterdays garbage? I can't find this function

  • Three bugs that I have seen in all versions so far:
    1. Random Never Stops Loading (NSL). Pages launched from Speedial will not start rendering until the page is fully downloaded (so never displayed if NSL).
    2. Wrong favicon in Bookmark bar (also random)
    3. Background processes keep running after application close (and must be killed in Task Manager)

    Win7x64 Vivaldi x32

  • I've tried downloading the 64bit version several times (7 times now) : the download starts very slowly, the bandwidth has a lot of variance and almost always starts its downside when near 40% progress…
    at the end the download stops and I can't resume the download...
    This problem isn't new and every week I have to wait a couple of hours until there's enough bandwidth to download Vivaldi without interruptions...

  • I could need something that shows me visual in plain sight if I am using the 32 or 64bit Version (I have installed both for testing and often switch from one to the other)

  • https://aivitals.co.clark.nv.us/WebPIInternet/
    click Search and crash Vivaldi…
    (win7x64 vivaldi32bit)

    still unfixed...

  • Moderator

    Not yet.

  • Moderator

    +1. C'mon guys. Can this really be that hard to fix?

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