Technical Preview 2 is here!

  • Thank you so much for giving us the option to open a tab by middle clicking on the tab bar.
    This just definitively sold me on vivaldi, keep up the great work!

  • Thanks! Mouse/Keyboard settings could use a "page back" and "page forward" (ctl-z, ctl-x in old Opera). In addition, there doesn't seem a direct way to reenter the defaults or any multiple-option choices. For example, next tab default is "Ctl-4, 4." Change that to Ctl-4 and there doesn't seem to be a way to add the other option '4.'

    As a practical matter, it would be nice if you soon fixed or optioned the tabs remaining open on closing the program.

    Look forward to an option to move Vivaldi button to the lower left.

  • I think the download process should have its own tab, panel is just a shortcut, it isn't enough when I need a big view. History and bookmark have their own tab but still lack of space because of 2nd tab (I don't know how to describe this term) this may occupies not big space but still it make the bookmark page and history is so small and narrow to me, especially when normal tab and bar of vivaldi is bigger (use more space) compared to opera already Can you see there that in opera 12 there is very much space to show bookmark and the separate folder tree and bookmark make it easy to organise while in vivaldi there is not many space and and additionally the bookmark folder and bookmark link in same tree make it harder to manager.

    For example, I am on a middle of a 100 bookmark folder (folder x), there is a folder above or below (folder y) that I want move some bookmark in x to y now what I must do? Scrolling through nearly 50 bookmark or more to get to the destination folder in a very narrow space which means take more scrolling?

    Some more thing:

    • no recycle bin or trash folder for bookmark, what if some time I need to find something I deleted by a mistake or I just think I didn't need it, but later I found out that it's still important
    • when use left mouse holding a bookmark, scrolling don't work so the only way to more further is move the mouse while keep holding to top or bottom of the list and wait until going to the destination folder. That take time a lot
    • bookmark filter work with folder name also but somehow when clicking on the folder while using filter, nothing happen

    Mouse gesture: there's still no most important gesture: open new tab. Why there's close tab with down+right but not open new tab with down? Some can just use Ctrl+T but I just not always in the right time to do that. One more, mouse gesture don't work with speedial (I tried with down+right)

    Tabstack: there's no way to get a tab out of stack as I tried all way I can think of, no expand stack either, and it take more moving to move a tab to a stack compared to opera 12

    No download folder option: as I tried to find it in setting. In fact, I prefer download option for each file extension like this though I mainly use download manager (internet download manager) but for some torrent file I can add it directly to torrent client without download torrent file => go to download directory and find torrent open torrent in torrent client

    Bug: can't close setting window (the quality of the gif is bad so you can't see the change in color when I click close button but I actually did)

    There is no extension/add-on tab in setting. I know the fact that there's no extension developed for vivaldi but when the time come there will be so I think having it first to prepare is better

    I know you staffs are working hard to bring us opera experience back, so that is something I want to say your vivaldi's still need to develop to catch up opera 12 which in 2 year has no update

    Just personal feeling: I feel like this kind of preference/setting is easy to handle, less scrolling and neatly

  • Ok so a few things, I like where I see this is going I have not had a lot of experience with this browser and would like to put my input in as a guide writer for a gaming community that nearly exclusively uses opera 12 due to its versatility. We would like something to transition to that is not only more secure but able to continue to function as this browser based game has upgraded well past the quality of opera 12. On top of this I currently represent a small group of players from that game as well that are interested in the development of this browser.

    After a small amount of tinkering with Vivaldi I have seen a lot of things I like but a bunch of things i feel should be tweaked or included in the next update. The list is as follows:

    1. A longer list of keyboard shortcuts that can be modified or maybe even allowing us to write our own short cuts.

    2. The ability to drag links as new tabs or into the panel to create a duel operational browser(feel free to ask for clarification).

    3. The ability to use snap links AND link search as a standard function of the browser as you were able to in opera 12.

    4. Background loading, I have noticed that if I scroll through the tabs quickly activating links the tabs do not LOAD until you go back to the tab, the command/action is TAKEN but the actual load screen is still locked on the previous screen requiring you to sit there for a few seconds, not sure what is causing that but I am sure that is not normal.

    5. For some reason scrolling between tabs takes a second or two to load unlike in opera where plain tab scrolling is instant. Not sure what would cause that or how to fix that but for someone that on average is scrolling between 10-50 tabs this could be a SERIOUS downside.

    I know I am new to this community and personally have had this browser for only 6 hours but this is a START of things that would make it so a great number of people that use opera 12 right now would transition over to Vivaldi.

  • Will be switching to Vivaldi as my main browser for a try out period the moment I could set tabs vertically but with preview turned off.

    With preview I can only open 6 tabs and then it feels crowded, I know they will shrink as I add more, but I use the empty part of the tab bar + middle click to open a new tab, thats gone with perviews always on.

    My father will love preview, as with opera 12 they are good for low tab count browsing.
    But when I am solving stuff I can go to 30+ tabs very fast, where vertical tabs come handy, but I have no use for preview, title and favicon is all I need. Well tree-style behaviour is nice but its only minor extra.

  • +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1! 😃

  • Sorry for my english.

    1. Each time, when I clear my browser history, the prewiev images of the speed dial is missed.
    2. When I open an image in new tab and zoom it, the top of the picture is missed.
      Please fix this problems.

    I love Vivaldi! This browser is my main browser since the first technical prewiev. 😉

  • Moderator

    With TP 2, Vivaldi no longer focuses page on first arrival, with the result that "home" and "end" buttons no longer work unless you first click somewhere on the page.

  • vivaldi is marketed as a browser for those with too many tabs. I recently open 60+ youtube tabs in opera browser and it couldn't handle it and lag/crashed. These are some videos playing in the background simultaneously and some in pause mode. How does vivaldi handle this? Can it handle it more elegantly without this lag/crash

  • Moderator

    I hope you fix some problems like you cannot move more than one bookmark in a folder and if you create a new folder/bookmark in sidebar (bookmark panel) you will edit the last folder/bookmark selected

    edit: and you can close a pinned tab and this couldn't be possible

  • Anxiously refreshing, need my weekly fix snapshot.

  • Excellent browser, I'm running the technical preview and so far is very good. Has all the functions of a browser, but some of them differ from the others. He already has the new interface of the next Windows 10, notebook integrated navigation technology Blink (Maxthon Nitro uses this technology). But what surprises really in this browser are the characteristics of similar imported from Opera 10, 11 and 12 (stacking tabs, speed dial, forward, and rewind, e-mail client built-in, keyboard shortcuts, and other), to my happiness, and many others. As well as advanced functions such as content blocking, and others. Still missing some features, such as choice of location for transfers, synchronization of data between devices, among others. But with only two updates, and having so many features perfect, I see that the next update will come with these features to complement. This war of browsers is something that does not end, but for the users of the old and the perfect Operates this browser is the rebirth of a product that gives you like to use, they have their differences before the other, etc. And now we have the, the rebirth of the MyOpera that both we would love to, only missing the back of the MyOperaMail to complete. And will the next news…

    WSJ Technology Brazil

  • They have Vivaldi Mail already, it's a webmail service like MyOperaMail, unfortunately a little bit hidden (;

    And Mail Client integrated in Vivaldi Browser will also come soon.

  • This… Sir... was Awesome !

  • No new snapshot version today?

  • New snapshot available.


  • When you will add themes feature to vivaldi ?

  • Awesome progress! Especially thumbs up for the Bookmark Bar.

    I just wish there was a way to have the "full Bookmarks folder" available PLUS selected frequently-used sub folders. And that using "Delete" on the Bookmarks Bar didn't delete the entire folder (at least not without asking…) but rather just removed it from the Bookmark Bar.

    My second big wish: Mouse Gestures. I'm itching to dump the old, crash-prone Opera, but I can't live without Mouse Gestures. So please! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Or at least a keyboard shortcut to minimize the selected tab…

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