Technical Preview 2 is here!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Since the launch of our first public release of Technical Preview 1, we have been working hard to fix as many issues as we can in addition to implementing new features.

    Today, we reached a new milestone by launching Technical Preview 2. It will replace the current build we have on

    See the full blog post here

  • Congratulations guys, the browser is getting more and more stable with each new release by the week. Keep them coming.

  • Second… Now testing !

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  • Thanks for all the work even in this short time… Here's some new things I felt needed to be mentioned :

    1. Sometimes shortcuts work and sometimes they don't : for example I have "Ctrl + E" to focus on address field… in some pages it works and focuses and in some other pages it just doesn't... makes me feel that the shortcut is implicitly declared within the Javascript of the page... and not on a native level...

    2. Show download speed, download URL & Time to Finish in the panels download dialog…

    3. opening a tab doesn't show the pages Title immediately : you think that you've opened an empty page and on slow networks it takes a long time until the tabs title changes to something readable (most of the time it's the URL of the tab and not the title)…
    what's worse is that sometimes the tabs title NEVER changes to the Title of the page and remains the URL until you explicitly click on the tab... we can never know if the tab has at least been loaded a little just by looking at the changes in its title... most of the time we have to click on the tab, just to find out that the page hasn't loaded OR has been loaded for some time BUT the title of the page hasn't changed yet...

    4. Find in Page : it's working fine but it needs some tweaks… it should work just like Opera 12.X used to : when it finds a word, all the page except the word should fade to black (well... not black... grey I mean...) to let us easily distinguish its place between other words.

    5. Adding a new speed dial shows a section at the bottom of the page :
    5.1. the close button of the section should be bigger.
    5.2. we should be able to close it by pressing the "escape" key.
    5.3. its design should be changed to something that gets your attention and is in the middle of the page. something like the approach used in ChrOpera (it shows a new Dialog fade in the page)

    6. NOW THAT I CHECK THIS HAS BEEN FIXED ! : When dragging a tab, if the mouse cursor moves out of the address bar (while still holding the mouse left button) the tab stops moving and it gets stuck wherever it was when the mouse cursor was inside the address bar. moving the tabs should be as smooth and easy as it was with Opera 12.x

    7. The #6 Problem is nearly fixed… it's just that if we are dragging the tab and the mouse cursor touches the upper part of the page, the problem happens again : the tab gets stuck... until we move the cursor away from the upper edge of the screen.

  • Thanx for the progress.
    Why no update to Blink

  • Can you please provide direct links to the downloads of all versions without checking the OS too?
    I'd like to download e.g. the Linux build on my Win machine too. Posting the links here in the blog would be sufficient for me 🙂

  • ~~in download section (on it says: "v. - Technical Preview 2"
    and the offered file is "Vivaldi_TP2_1.0.94.2.exe". (for WIN).

    fix it, please :)~~

    edit: hard refresh (ctrl+F5) helped… but it's not good... I tried close/open the page like 5 times before I tried ctrl+F5 to get newer data...

  • @honker:

    Thanx for the progress.
    Why no update to Blink

    We are working on the update 🙂

  • Moderator

    Especially bad as Vivaldi doesn't have support for Ctrl+F5 yet… (VB-2931)

  • Nice! 🙂

  • Thanks for the release.
    BTW, check the second part of the mix from the screenshot 🙂

  • actually, from the screenshot is not the mix you posted but this mix:

  • I think its time for vivaldi to work on performance, make webpage load quicker and opening up extensions now

  • I think that x64 is too buggy to use.

  • When something against ads on web pages?
    I do miss urlfilter.ini!!!

  • Awesome job! Beautiful!

  • On the Status Bar below click on 'Page Actions' icon (between these for pictures & zoom), then tick the check-box of 'Content blocker'. It is still not as good as urlfilter, but at least reduces the ads. 😉

  • Thank you! Every week we get a step closer to the stable version! Can't wait for it!

    So, as always, I've found a few bugs (like some URLs not being displayed properly by Vivaldi alone, Youtube videos not being rendered past 360p, etc.), but that's only natural for a Tech Preview. And considering how much we've advanced when compared to the first Tech Preview, it's almost unbelievable (especially if you compare with Opera's progress with their implementation of features - 14 versions after changing into ChrOpera and they finally decided to center images)!

  • Gotta ask, any plans to support H264 & H264 MSE?

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