Vivaldi browser feature requests poll

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    But I think, most of demands would be met if the team would develop a fork of Presto engine. Any other implementation of features of classic Opera will slow down Blink-based browser since they can be as additional services instead of engine's built-in features. As I understand, it's impossible to see some sort of Presto engine, but anyway, I'd like to see that kind of future for Vivaldi.

  • I woud like to see plugin such as ADBlock,FlashBlock and this browser will become my default browser.

  • I miss the old Opera ability to:

    1. Edit titles in speed dial.

    2. Ability to add nifty user skins to the browser interface - especially very early versions of Opera's graphic design. (I used Opera from its outset.)

    3. Web page previews embedded in the tabs.

    There are more but more would be greedy, I guess. 🙂

  • I answered the survey with my friends, in my opinion what should be built in from the beginning are the following settings:

    _- Option to choose folder for saving downloads;

    • Sync notes, favorites, history, and other data as in the old Opera 12;
    • E-mail client built into the browser._

    Of course, every one has their preferences setting, so I get above my favorite. Thank you for the space friends, and great is the Vivaldi.

    WSJ Technology Brazil

  • Of course as a former O12 user I like the idea having all the features of O12 implemented in Vivaldi.

    But six simple things I've used in the O12 the most:

    1. saving of complete web pages in one single file ( that MHTml format).

    2.) the temporary deactivation of Java using the F12 button (quick preferences).

    3.) the bookmark manager.

    4.) dragging tabs to the bookmarks bar

    5.) the numerous setting options. Something normal users were apparently overwhelmed of … why Google has been so successful with its browser. Poor guys.

    1. and of course the old menu bar.

    Nothing speaks against to hide all these options, if someone don't want to use them. But they should be implemented for those who can handle it.

    Apart from all these things, it was always neat to have an email-client implemented in the browser or to be able to chat in IRC.

  • lazy tabs annoy me - I want every single page to be preloaded and ready

    me too!

  • Chrome let you run multiple instances with as different users. I haven't seen this in any of the other browsers except via command line arguments. If this isn't a feature on the table, I for one ditch chrome for Vivaldi. I do a lot of web design and like to create user account for each client and work in a separate browser for each client. That way, when I'm done I can hand over the username and password and all my bookmarks etc. are available to them.

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