Vivaldi Tech preview 1 just arrived

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    After a lot of hard work, it's finally time for us to share what we have worked on with all of you! Today at 10:00 CET, we've made the first preview of Vivaldi browser available for download!

    As this is the first public release, the build is not perfect, far from it but we hope you get a sense of where Vivaldi is going as a product. Please download TP1 from and give it try. Let us know what you think and help us spread the words through social media to your friends.

    See the full blog post here</div>

  • I can still remember this day. My first impression was I love the looks and the GUI. The browser could load websites (fast), and was fine for reading content, but was barely usable, it had all types of issues when typing things, hitting different keys would make different things in the browser but it was just a first preview. It took a week to fix most of this first nasty bugs and from that point every release is getting better.

    I'm using Vivaldi as my main browser from this day (I know, very irresponsible on my part to be using a pre-alpha product…).

    I can't believe how far it has come in just a couple of months. Its nice to use a product and be part of it when its evolving, like a baby that grows, you can watch it every step of the way. I'm now part of this story.

    Besides the Vivaldi teams and developers, I must be the first person that started using Vivaldi from the general public. And I still do today !!!

    I work on the Internet, the Internet puts food on my table and almost everything I do is related to using web apps or webpages, hours and hours a day. Finally a browser for people that work! For people that do things online, and where the browser is part of their job, not just to consume things, but to create things. My browser is my work tool.

    Thank you Vivaldi !!! You are part of my daily live now.

  • I use it since TP4 and it's hard to give it up now.

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