Integrated video downloader. The only thing keeping me from using Vivaldi

  • Greetings, long time Firefox user here. Amazing work on this browser.
    I would love to switch to Vivaldi as my main browser however the only thing that I cannot find a replacement for is a video downloader that works with Vivaldi. On Firefox I am currently using Video DownloadHelper which does not work for Vivaldi.
    Could a native solution be integrated into Vivaldi? Or maybe doing a youtube-dl implementation or interface in Vivaldi? Or a working addon that does that? Please help.

  • @Quantum00
    There's a bunch of alternative Video downloader helper extensions work in Vivaldi.

    • GetThemAll Video Downloader
      My current & not just sniff videos.
    • Video Downloader Pro
      Available separately for Chrome, Opera & Firefox.
    • Video Downloader professional
      Seem also work.

    Developer Tools Network tab could sniff everything.

    • You could copy link of your target and use your favorite downloader.
    • Available in all major browsers. (Talking about integrated).

  • Moderator

    @Quantum00 That feature alone is the only reason I'm keeping Maxthon on my PC (although, I haven't used it in months). It has a really good media "sniffer" - not only for videos but also for audio files and images. Perhaps we'll get a dedicated media sniffer/downloader in Vivaldi too...

    You can post your request for such feature here. You should probably check that thread first to see if a similar request hasn't been made yet (I'm sure you're not the first asking for it). You can also take a look at requests made by other people and vote for them if you'd like to see those features in future releases of Vivaldi.

    Just keep in mind that Vivaldi developers are a considerably small team (compared to other companies behind other browsers) and they have plenty of work to do, like fixing bugs, keeping up with Chromium updates, working on new features, maintaining their web services etc. And they also need to sleep from time to time! 😉

    This means that they have to make priorities. Things that affect a lot of users (or easy to implement features) are usually addressed first. Things that are hard to implement/fix or affect a small percentage of users would probably have to wait...

    But until you get your features, you can keep checking back here once in a while, and post your requests again when a new version of the browser rolls out and a new feature requests thread starts. You can also tell your friends about this browser if you like it so far. The faster its user base grows, the faster it'll develop. 👍


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