Most important missing feature: Back/Forward on windows 8/10 touch.

  • First things first: Thank you for & congratulations on Vivaldi. It is great to see someone is finally developping a browser for the "savy" power-users. I will support you guys on your journey to buld the better browser whenever i can. However, a MOST IMPORANT BASIC FEATURE for win8/10 tablets, convertibles, 2-in-1s is missing completly. Touch aka swiping left and right to navigate back & forward, pinch to zoom. These are certainly the most used human ui functions on chrome and internet explorer 11. Without them browsing on touchdevices & tablets is 2ns class, IMHO thats is by far the most important missing basic funtionality. My powerful dual-xeon workstation with large monitors etc and my desktop-replacement class notebook are not my main browsing computers, in fact my sony vaio tap 11 (basically a more feature-rich surface pro 3) and my asus vivotab note 8 (a 370 gramm full x86 windows 8 fanless tablet pc) are much better suited for the browsing, especially as you can use them anywhere and they offer touch - and the main navigation (swipe left-back/right-forward, pinch to zoom) are missing in vivaldi ATM.


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