Service is one of the basic important feature of mac OS.

  • Re: No OSX Service Menu is not enabled

    Currently, vivaldi does not support Service menu of macOS.
    This is a very serious problem.

    Service is one of the basic important feature of mac OS like
    copy & paste.
    For instance, it copy texts from application to other application
    evoked by a simple keyboard shortcut.

    Most user cannot accept Vivaldi as a main browser without Service menu.

    Vivaldi should adopts Service menu feature of macOS.

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    @hana2017: Mac has a small fraction of the users that Windows does, while at the same time requiring significantly more work on the part of Developers to get Vivaldi to work right on it. Hence, Mac bugs tend to have a significantly longer half-life than do Windows bugs.

    Not long ago, Vivaldi held a Stable release for weeks, until it nearly had to be skipped, for problems related solely to Mac, which were created by a required Chromium update.

    All that said, it is the goal of the developers to have the browser work smoothly on all systems, and they want to know and to fix the problems that Mac users have. Could you please file a bug report?

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