"Too many redirects" on campingworld.com

  • Getting this error on this site on 1.6 Stable and on latest snapshot 1.7.735.29. Have cleared cookies as suggested and also tried a User Agent switcher extension. Neither helped on this site with this issue. Tried using the User Agents of Chrome on Mac, Safari on Mac, and Windows 11, no joy on any.

    Landing on the Camping World home page is OK. But as soon as I try to run a search on the site I get the redirect error in Vivaldi. When I launch Chrome Stable and run the same search it works just fine.

    When I searched the forums here I found a thread for a similar problem on Windows from April of last year. That user was having the same issue of too many redirects on the https://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org site. I'm a Kaiser member and tried the site and it works just fine for me in both Stable and the Snapshot.

    Am I missing something or is this a deeper bug?




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