When selecting "Open" when downloading a file it does not open the file

  • I tried doing that with different file types, the result is still the same, the file does not open when it finishes downloading and when I try to open in with right click it still does not open. If I save the file I can open in just fine, but this option does not work. What can I do?

  • So far I can't reproduce this.

    The following site contains a few filetypes and I checked on every single one of them (click the type you want to test and than scroll down and choose )


    Searching the forum brought up very few results that may be related but there seems to be no answer to that problem.
    For example:

    • Can you provide an example where this happens?
    • Do you use the standard download directory or did you define one yourself?
    • Do you run a standard or standalone installation of vivaldi?
    • Do you use any extensions and / or security programs that may interfere with your internet traffic or stored files?
      (adblocker, antivirus, firewall etc?)

    And just to make it complete I stumbled upon a case where the problem was inverse to the one you have. The downloaded file could only be executed via the panel but the location couldn't be opened.

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    @GreeN_03: Hmm... Works for me. It there a rare file type involved?

  • @GreeN_03 Is at least the file in the download directory? Have you set the default download directory in settings?

  • Turned out that the download directory was not correctly set and I still downloaded the files but didn't open them. I changed the directory now (to Desktop) and it works as intended. Still, it's curious where the downloaded files from before ended up. Thank you for your help, I feel a bit embarrassed for asking about something so simple :disappointed_relieved:

  • @GreeN_03 check in Vivaldi dir, at least if I remove the default download dir I find everything downloaded in
    "C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\1.7.735.29"
    but they open normally for me anyway

  • @GreeN_03 No need to feel embarrassed - to ask about stuff like this is what this forum is build for.
    ; )

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