Reinstalled Vivaldi, tabs and extensions from backup lost

  • Hi!

    I did everything according to this instruction:

    However, the tabs and the extensions are gone! They must be in the profile folder. How can I make Vivaldi detect them? Things like these drive me nuts after an already laborious Windows re-installation.


  • @brazzjazz

    • You still has your "Default" folder copy/backup right?
    • As the step on that post only said to backup "Default" folder. Where you re-put that folder after Vivaldi re-installation.
    • Why you do all of these on first place. Just Vivaldi re-installation won't delete Vivaldi user profile.

  • Oh yeah, I have to specify. I just did a Windows reinstallation, and made a backup of AppData, including thereby my old (used, not default) Vivaldi profile. After I reinstalled Vivaldi and copied (and overwrote) everything back from the old (used) "User Data" to the new one, my old profile is now used, but only in parts. No tabs, no tab restore question, and no extensions.

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    @brazzjazz: Since the new Windows install created a new UUID, no encrypted info (passwords, extensions) will survive the transfer (the data will be there but Vivaldi can't decrypt it), but tabs and sessions should cross over just fine. You have to transfer every file/folder with "session" in the name.

  • Hmm, but I copied (and overwrote) everything in "User Data", I assume there aren't any more "session" files elsewhere?

  • I have the same issue. To be honest, I don't care about the tabs, but I do care A LOT for the extensions.

    I've been trying several ways to recover them but with no success. It's so easy on Chrome (yeah, account login, OK), can't be that hard on Vivaldi.

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    @brazzjazz - nope, all in Default as far as I know.

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    @mspector: it certainly CAN be that hard until Vivaldi has its own sync.

  • @Ayespy said in Reinstalled Vivaldi, tabs and extensions from backup lost:

    @mspector: it certainly CAN be that hard until Vivaldi has its own sync.

    YES! We demand a Sync feature! We've already gathered outside Vivaldi headquarters waiving our clubs, angry and restless. The tension is palpable. This mob either gets synced rather soon or there will be dead people on the streets.

  • @brazzjazz Thanks to you I learned a new word today: palpable pretty cool. :grin:

  • OK, here are some news:
    I copied the so-called 'Default' folder, overwriting everything, and nothing happened. OK.
    BUT... then I reinstalled all the extensions again via the traditional method (extensions store) and the cool thing is that, once installed, the extensions had already all the same settings they had before I formatted my PC. So, copying the 'Default' folder works somehow.

    Hint: I found out this extension, Share Extensions (, which helps a lot this proccess. Go to the old PC, use this extension to mail yourself all your extensions, then in the new PC all you have to do is to click the links in the e-mail the extension sent you. Not ideal, but helps a lot especially to those who, like me, uses a lot of them.

    I gotta bail now, I have a riot to attend to, as mentioned here. ;)

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