NooBoss --- Vivaldi Extensions Manager, Extensions update history, Auto manage extensions, Extensions detail, Extension Recommendation

  • I wanted to mention NooBoss, basically it's a very powerful Extensions Manager.
    (Full disclosure - I'm not impartial. I wrote it)

    NooBoss is free and open source, you can find it in Chrome Web Store or here:

    Basically it can show you which extension was updated, automatically disable extensions that are not needed (you need to set the autoState rule first), shows you the detail of the every extension, and you can recommend extension for each individual website.

    Here are some functions it has

    Functions that NooBoss provides:
    *Manage your apps
    ---enable/disable/remove one or a bunch of apps
    *NooBoss community
    ---get apps recommended by NooBoss community for the website you are visiting
    ---you can recommend useful apps to NooBoss community
    ---you can tag useful or spammy apps
    *Auto state management
    ---automatically enable/disable apps base on auto state rules
    ---(you can save memory)
    ---(enable apps only when you need them)
    *Show history of apps
    ---installation, removal, enabling, disabling
    ---show the version change
    ---(you can tell when did apps got updated)
    *Show detailed information of apps
    ---download crx file
    ---open manifest file
    ---see permissions
    ---And a lot more information

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    @AInoob Thank you for your interest in Vivaldi, and your input!

    The forums are not for product advertisement. Some Vivaldi users may find this interesting, so I will permit the posts to stand for now unless a senior community director directs me otherwise. Do not flog your extensions unsolicited any more, or we will enforce the forum rules on spam, OK?

    Again, thank you for your interest in Vivaldi, and enjoy!

  • @Ayespy Yes, sorry about this... I saw "Everything about extensions installed via Chrome Web Store and their development." so I thought I can just update the progress of my extensions here.

    But you are right, I was wondering why no one post any of their extension here.

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    @AInoob: There are people who are integral to the development of Vivaldi who also write extensions, and some Vivaldi users have found them very useful - but they don't advertise here. At least one (two?) was/were a Vivaldi staffer for a while and his input is still much respected. As least one extension-writer is also a Vivaldi volunteer internal tester like myself. More than one extension-writer was also involved in the development of the Original Opera browser when it used the Presto engine, and when our founder was still CEO of that company.

    What these guys do is to write and maintain their extensions and, if they see a user complaining of a problem that their extension would solve, they mention it to them. They don't push it, don't post a wall of images or animations demonstrating how wonderful it is. They simply mention it. "I deal with that using the extension I wrote, (blah-blah, maybe a link). You might find that helpful."

    I don't see how their mentions of such a thing would violate forum rules. You can recommend an extension you DIDN'T write to another user. I don't think the fact you wrote on disqualifies you from mentioning it when you read the comment of a user who has a need. You know these guys are loyal Vivaldi users and involved members of the community, partly because you see them posting in reply to loads of other comments, or bringing up suggestions unrelated to their own endeavors, on the forums, and they had to be hanging around here anyway to read of a need posted by another user. So there's no prohibition, "you can't talk about your work." But we don't permit spam. It's a fairly bright line, and one that's easy to see. 🙂

  • I see your points, my posts do look like spamming. So yeah, I think it's reasonable to remove it if you want.

  • Spamming or not put aside - can your manager keep extensions from autoupdate and inform the user let's say via a popup or something like that?

  • @zaibon
    Request/Star his extension on his/her extension market, as I done. That's the proper way.
    Aside that's related to what @Ayespy advised.

  • okay - will keep it in mind for future occasions

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    @AInoob You can always post links to your extension in the Vot for your favorite extensions thread (as you already did) but you are also free to provide a short description of that extension as well so that others might know what it does and if they should give it a try. Take a look at some examples here or here. This way it won't / shouldn't ever be considered as spam. 🙂


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