Can't reinstall

  • I had some problems with the browser and there was an update to. but it fails to download so i uninstall it and downloaded the new one but it wont finish installing and i can't install the old one also please Help.

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    @kareem - Tells us more about your Windows environment, where and how you are trying to install it, your user privileges, and which version you had, and which new version you are trying to install.

  • I am using windows 7 ultimate 32-bit i am the admin and the only user. the old version was the unstable version of 1.4 the new one is 1.6.689.40

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    @kareem: Are you using the installer in "vanilla" fashion, just pressing OK and letting it go? Or are you installing "for all users" or to a specific folder or standalone?

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    @kareem: Oh, yeah - and do you run any 3rd party security software?

  • @Ayespy i tryed every option and i am using avast

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    @kareem: First, try some things:

    (Avast! has prevented installation in the past, but we'll ignore that for the moment)

    1. Re-start your machine.
    2. Check the location where Vivaldi was installed (will normally be C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Vivaldi unless you picked another path) and ensure there are no folders there - not even a Vivaldi folder. If you have User Data you want to save, rename and move the User Data folder.
    3. Run the installer again. If no joy:
    4. Run the installer as Admin. (I realise you are admin, but merely being admin and "run as" are actually different permission levels.

    We'll stop there for the moment, and let me know if any of that works.

  • @Ayespy how long do u think that the installer will take. note that avast isn't active

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    @kareem: Depends on your system. On any fairly modern system, 20 or 30 seconds.

  • @Ayespy it's been 30 minutes

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    @kareem - Then it's being blocked, and the blocking is being done in the background without notice to you.

    People are generally unaware that "disabling" an antivirus does not actually disable it. Further, it does not remove all of the tricks and traps that the antivirus sets up in your system.

    I recommend at this point that you disconnect from the internet, uninstall Avast! and activate Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. Then re-start your system and try the Vivaldi install again.

    I'm assuming here that you have visibly downloaded an offline copy of the installer to your desktop or some such, and can access it any time you wish. If you haven't done so, you should.

    If you are unwilling to do the uninstall, you can attempt the more difficult task of going into Avast! settings and whitelisting Vivaldi and the Vivaldi installer. I can't guide you on that because I don't use Avast! and it's complicated by the fact that you already uninstalled Vivaldi.

  • @Ayespy when i restarted i found in the control panel that vivaldi is installed in other place i found the .exe file but the only thing happened is 5 new processes is opend

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    @kareem - AHA! it could be that the UI is opening out of range of the monitor.

  • @Ayespy not the right solution they appear in the task maneger not the task bar and i tryed the solutions

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    @kareem: Have you killed these and tried to install?

    And where did you find that .exe file? Is it the old Vivaldi or the new one?

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