Web panel icon breaks

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    I've attached my favorite internet radio station as a web panel.
    When Vivaldi starts, a blue "play" icon is visible in the panel bar.
    When I click the icon, the panel is opened and the radio starts playing.
    The "play" icon is then replaced by an image place holder icon. See image below.
    Is Vivaldi missing the "pause" or "stop" icon or is it possibly referenced incorrectly?

    0_1485980084045_Afbeelding 126.png

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    A quick look at the source code and it's clear that the site's default favicon is not there and it returns 404. But it also provides other favicons that are correctly linked. For some reason though, Vivaldi refers to the default icon when the page is added as a web panel and thus you get a "broken" icon. I think it might be both Vivaldi's and the website's fault then... 🤔

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    @pafflick Nice find.
    I take it that Vivaldi should typically show the website's favicon and not that Play icon?
    And I was thinking it was Vivaldi being clever. ;-)
    I've brought it to the attention of Pinguin Radio.

  • Same problem here with some pages. For example the icon of WhatsApp Web is broken. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.


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