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  • Hello,

    First, i want to apologize for my english which is not my native language.
    I will try to be brief and expose the small details that i'm looking for about the browser.
    It might appear as details for you but it is important for me.
    I was wondering if the things i will list can already be change or will be in the future.

    The list:

    • I want to change the cross on the tab which is on the left now, but i want to close my tab from the right.

    • Is it possible to change the appearance of the button before / after / Home and the rest if it is possible. Not change radically but give a slitghly different look.

    • Is it possible to move bookmark to organize them ? It is possible for the ones we can see but not for the ones that are "hidden" because of the place, but i still want to organize them.

    • Is it possible to not see the loading of the web page ? (i think it is already possible but i didn't find it). I don't talk about the green load but the percentage of the things that are downloaded.

    • Is it possible to organise the addon on the right (for me) because i can't move them when you download it, it put itself to the right and you can't organise it.

    • Is there an option that make you open a page in an other tab without fully downloading it and get fully load when you are on it. Hard to explain but for who knows, yandex use that (i think). That avoid the browser to freeze for me when i open too many tabs.

    That all for the smalls things, i hope it wasn't difficult to understand.

    Thank you for your time and your help,


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    1. I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what do you mean or what do you want to do exactly... 🤔
    2. Not yet (you can theoretically do that by modifying browser's files, but it's not easy nor convenient).
    3. Yes, you can organize your bookmarks in the bookmarks panel (Menu > View > Bookmarks Panel or keyboard shortcuts - by default: [F6] to toggle the bookmarks panel or [F4] to toggle the panel itself) or on the bookmarks page (Menu > Tools > Bookmarks, or copy & paste this address: vivaldi://bookmarks/, or, if you prefer keyboard shortcuts, the default is [CTRL]+[B])
    4. Same as 2.
    5. Not yet. It has been requested multiple times - the latest request is here (you can go there and vote for it).
    6. Not yet. It has been requested too - the latest request is here (you can go there and vote for it as well).

    You should probably check out the feature requests thread that I linked above - there you can cast your votes for features that you'd like to see the most and post your own ideas if they haven't been added yet. 😉

  • @pafflick Re: Appearance of vivaldi

    Thank you for your answer. Yes i'm sorry, i didn't check well after my inscription and yes i saw after the section for features which is more likely to fit with what i am asking.

    For the first one i was talking about the little signet you clic on to close a tab. The form is a cross but on most of web browser you close the tab from the right. Here the "cross" is on the left of the tab. It is not ergonomic for me.

    Still, thank you for your time and i will check the features section this time.


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    First of all, it looks more like an "x", not a cross. And it's placed on the right side of the tab (though you need to hover over it to see it). But I'm still puzzled. You mean you want the close button placed on the left side of the tab? I haven't seen any browser to do that... 🤔

  • @pafflick

    Yes more like an X, i agree. For me it is placed on the left side. But it is not seeing it the problem, i mean when you close it. I have to close it from the left. On firefox, chrome, yandex you close the tab from the right. Here the "x" to close the tab is located on the left.
    The "x" isn't the problem is the "close button location"

  • @Ergo789 said in Appearance of vivaldi:

    I believe the Tab Close icon is on the left of the tab for MACs
    but on right for PC (Windows & Linux).

    I mention it because I noticed you also posted in MAC forum

  • @TbGbe Thank you for your reply and yes you might be right. I posted on the mac section first, thinking it was appropriate but then i changed my mind but couldn't delete it as i'm new i guess.

    Is there a way to change this thing you mentioned ?

  • @Ergo789 said in Appearance of vivaldi:

    Is there a way to change this thing you mentioned ?

    It is not possible within Vivaldi settings (yet).
    I don't know if something like the VivaldiHooks modifications do this (or even if they work on MAC)

    • hopefully you'll get a reply from a MAC user.

  • I found indeed a little workaround via a custom.css to move the close-x to the right side - it is described here

    How to:

    1.) Go to the "About" page (vivaldi://about) to check the Vivaldi installation path.
    2.)Check the "Executable Path" entry. It should end with \Application\vivaldi.exe. Now close Vivaldi.
    2.)Navigate to that Application directory. It should contain a folder named after the current version of Vivaldi, like eg. 1.6.689.40
    3.)Open that folder and navigate to the following path: \resources\vivaldi\style
    4.)Edit the common.css file with a text editor and add the following code at the beginning of the file: @import "custom.css";
    5.) Use the text editor to create a new file in the same directory and name it custom.css. Make sure the extension of the file is actually .css and not .txt. If you don't know how to do that, check this tip.
    6.)Paste the CSS code to that file and save it. You can use that file from now on to paste other codes that you might find on this forum.
    7.)Each time Vivaldi updates, you'll need to repeat steps 2 - 5 and copy your custom.css file to the new location.
    (Check this thread for more info)

    When this is done you can move on to the part where you make the X switch sides:

    • close Vivaldi
    • open your newly created custom.css with a texteditor
    • copy and insert the following in the custom.css
    .tab .close { /* move close button to right and always show  */
    	display: inline !important;	
    	order:1 !important;	
    .tab .tab-audio{ /* move audio button to left  */
    	order:-1 !important;
    .tab .favicon{ /* always show favicon, on Mac it disappears when you mouseover  */
    	display: inline !important;
    	margin-left: !important;
    • now save your custom.css and start Vivaldi again
    • should be working now

    for the explanation: pafflick
    for the code itself: DavidTourian and moon.meister


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