Delete History upon exit/close

  • I am trying to move to Vivaldi .Haven't used much
    but Interface seems great,
    Only thing preventing me to move is the Option to Delete history upon exit.
    People in this forum are requesting it for ages but Devs Haven't implemented it yet or do they plan to just leave the feature out. I think Implementing shouldn't take more the couple of lines of code.
    Don't get me wrong Browser is great , but this feature is deal breaking for me.

  • While it could be a welcomed feature by many, I don't see this a so hard task for you to do ctrl-shift-del, delete what you want, then exit.
    Not a deal breaker for me at least.

  • Moderator

    @jinkaal It's not such an important feature since only a small minority of users would probably use it. You have to keep in mind that Vivaldi developers are a considerably small team (compared to other companies behind other browsers) and they have plenty of work to do, like fixing bugs, keeping up with Chromium updates, working on new features, maintaining their web services etc. And they also need to sleep from time to time! 😉

    This means that they have to make priorities. Things that affect a lot of users (or easy to implement features) are usually addressed first. Things that are hard to implement/fix or affect a small percentage of users would probably have to wait...

    It may take some time, but they promise to listen to our voices and to give us every feature that we want. So we just have to be patient.

    But until such feature makes it to Vivaldi, you could use the workaround proposed by @iAN-CooG or just launch Private Window at startup and use it for your everyday browsing. I know these are only workarounds, but hey! It's better than nothing... 😉


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