Scrolling problems in recent snapshots

  • Scrolling has had weird behaviour in recent snapshots (at least since the beginning of the year, possibly started even before that).

    One problem is on Twitter, if you scroll down, click on a twit, close that twit, and slowly scroll up with mouse wheel, the page will start jumping down and won't let you scroll all the way to the top unless you scroll faster (doesn't always happen, and it seems to happen most often on pages that have a background image at the top; scrolling down enough for more twits to load usually helps reproduce this).

    Another problem is on imgur if you scroll down with keyboard, it sometimes jumps a random amount down (usually somewhere to the middle of comments).

  • @ender85
    Your problem probably same with;
    Bug: Vivaldi + Font Changer
    It just the extension mention there seem perfectly trigger it.

  • I'm not using Font Changer - the extensions I have installed are:

    • uBlock Origin
    • uBlock Origin Extra
    • reStyle (Stylish fork)
    • Ghostery
    • Tampermonkey (with one custom script and anti-adblock-killer)

    I am running Vivaldi on a high-DPI screen (Windows is set to 225% - 216DPI), which might be related (that bug report mentions the problem happens above 180% zoom).


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