Having trouble creating new search engines

  • I know where to go to add/edit search engines. I am trying to add walmart.com and amazon.com as my Vivaldi search engines, AND giving them a keyword--so that when I type in "am meguiars ultimate wax", I get an amazon page of results for that product.

    But I don't seem to be able to do this. I can add search engines easily enough, even by right clicking on the search field from that website. But when I type into the URL bar what I gave above, I get my default search engine bringing up results.

    Does Vivaldi search work with keywords?

  • @paulri
    I'm confuse.
    Keyword does supported.

    If I'm not wrong to interpret what you want.
    Did you choose amazon or wallmart as default search at Vivaldi setting

  • You can have multiple searchengines so vivaldi needs to know on which site you want to search.
    When you just type in the urlbar it will always use the standard searchengine which you can identify through the blue hook besides the engine entry (see pic).
    You can change this as you like

    So lets say my default searchengine is google but I like to search on wikipedia instead. I need to type a w followed by a space in front of my searchterm so vivaldi knows that I don't want to search on google.
    vivaldi searches for vivaldi in my deafult (google in this case) searchengine
    w vivaldi searches on wikipedia for vivaldi
    The letter(s) that are used to alter the search can be chosen when you generate a searchengine. The poup asks you if you want to enter a Nickname there you can set it or you can change it later on when you click on the pencil on the right side of a searchengine and change it in the lowest right box (see pic)

    EDIT: Oh and a word of warning - there is a bug that you are able to assign the same nickname to more than one engine like W for wikipedia and W for wallmart keep an eye for this. Noting special happens but vivaldi will always use the engine that got its nickname first. so maybe make it wi and wa or something like that

    I hope this answers your question

    0_1485956950480_s earchengine.png

  • Thanks for that screenshot. I see in it that the Nickname field is where I should type in my keyword. I always thought that I should be typing the keyword in, where you have "wikipedia.de."

    OK that resolves it.


  • Happy to help


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