A few features

  • What I would love to see are

    Customizable context menus.
    That would make a great impact and get Vivaldi ahead of any other Chromium browsers out there.
    And if possible make it definable which keyboard key activates which menu entry.
    Like f.e., you want to save files faster/more efficiently, so you would want when you Right-Click a link, to have the "Save link as..." to be activated by clicking S, instead of the predefined K. If tis too hard to achieve, one can always edit the menus so you get the desired result most of the time, so no biggy.

    Extensions page done more like ChrOpera,
    where you can separate them into Enabled and Disabled groups, show only the enabled.

    Reordering of the Extensions,
    like you can do in SRW Iron for example.

    Better dictionaries
    Not really a huge deal, but I've noticed that most/all chromium dictionaries for spell checking are quite mediocre. If there's an easy way you could use a better dictionary list that would replace the default ones would be great, but not really a big priority.

    Customizable rocker gestures
    I've been missing those on any browser since Opera 12 when I figured greatly efficient way for switching between tabs. I love to have the left and right mouse buttons set, so I can quickly and easily navigate through tabs. At first when I had this behavior in some early ChrOpera and Chromium extensions, when I was still testing stuff, I didn't really liked it, but after I put it into Opera 12, it was really great switching tabs with either hand I wanted at any time.

    Tab Stacks
    They are awesome, and tis cool we have this feature, which lacks in most other browsers these days, but I think this can be improved somewhat. Maybe we can improve the way you navigate with your mouse, the visual UI part. My only complaint about the current design is that it's a bit tiny/thin and maybe it would've been better if you had the tab titles on the top instead of the bottom when you hover with your mouse, and a more zoomed or a larger in version of the previews might be better too.

    Drag and Drop Links to the Desktop and/or Folders
    Atm you can do this, but it drops the url rather than the title.
    There's an extension which you can use that will negate that issue fr now, but it would be great to have this working properly, like it did in Opera 12 too. :)
    Again, not a very high priority for now, tho I would love to have it fixed too.

    I know the browser is still in a early development compared to some other ones, but I think these features can make a great difference and something that will make Vivaldi stand apart from the rest.

  • @Metal
    All of them already in Feature requests for 1.7

    Except for dictionary. I don't remember that ever request.

    Nevertheless, most probably won't in 1.7.
    Vivaldi 1.7 stable is at the next corner.

  • @Metal Eventually, you can also add some skin modification options, like defining a border/no border, and thickness of the border. If this won't be too hard, would be more than enough currently.

    Altho, would be great later to have even more customizable options, but for now that's all I think is really lacking from the skin customizations.

    You still have the option to run the native window, which with a nice skin also works I think. :)

  • @dLeon Well, I don't have any expectations for the short term. :P

    I'm well aware these stuff take time.
    Rather happy to see them ever being implemented.

    Tis great that I'm not the only one requesting these specific features and that there are others who think alike tho. :P

    There seem to be many other great ideas I've never thought about too, would be really interesting to see if these features get implemented what Vivaldi would look like in a few years. xD

  • @Metal

    There seem to be many other great ideas I've never thought about too, would be really interesting to see if these features get implemented what Vivaldi would look like in a few years.

    Soooo true.

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