No Delete Option (Right Click) & other Suggestions

  • Hi, I have just switched over to Vivaldi from having used Mozilla Firefox for years due to its memory cache issues that are noticeable when scrolling down facebook news feeds & souncloud where it becomes laggy.

    I like the customisation features in Vivaldi so that i can get it too look more like Firefox with a search bar, horizontal tab & bookmark tab, however theres a couple of minor things that i'd like to be added, one is the delete option when i right click, only cut, copy & paste appear

    Another is not having the ability to add an RSS news feed via a Live Bookmark, also on some web sites for example when i click on audio samples for music a whole page loads up where in Firefox I would get a small pop up window.

    Could these be added to future updates?

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    @Natty: I can't say for sure if a "delete" context menu item in a textbox would ever make it into Vivaldi, since you have the "backspace" and "delete" keys to do this - and that's in fact how I do it. But it's not impossible. One tries to keep context menus succinct, but it could still happen. Editable menus are under discussion.

    Tabs instead of popups is definitely a known bug and will be addressed. No ETA.

    RSS via live bookmark is a definite possibility. Hasn't been promised.

    "Just this one little easy thing" to you is "just one more thing among the thousands of reported bugs" to a developer. They prioritize their work as best they can, while trying to keep as many users happy as possible

  • @Ayespy Another bug i noticed was in its ability to import bookmarks & passwords, in my case Firefox, the bookmarks imported ok but all my passwords for different websites did not. However I was trialling Opera for a while which i had imported my passwords from Firefox to, so i tried importing the passwords from Opera into Vivaldi & it worked.

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    @Natty: That's a fraught thing. They're having trouble making passwords from all browsers work, because they are all stored and encrypted differently.

  • @Ayespy said in No Delete Option (Right Click) & other Suggestions:

    "Editable menus are under discussion."

    We need this. 😛

    Then ppl won't have to request such minor stuff, like it was in Opera 12, that was the whole idea around Vivaldi, right?

    I personally would appreciate the Delete button both in text and address field.

    Why, you may ask, as you already have the Cut option and you also have the Backspace and Delete physical buttons.

    The answer is quite simple, efficiency.

    But how?

    Cut works, but if you have copied something you wanted to paste and there was some bit of the address or text left there you'd have to either paste your copied text first, which may not sound like a huge fuss, but it really makes a difference, or you could just use cut and have to go back and re-copy the text once again.
    That is not efficient either way.

    You may wonder, why just not use the physical buttons, and again - efficiency.
    The buttons are both positioned way farther to the right, I type mainly and almost exclusively with my left hand and I do it pretty fast, out performing many two handed typers. Tis rather much inconvenient for me.

    I understand that would totally not be the case for s/o else, but that's where customization and personalization comes in hand and what Opera 12 had over others.

    Ppl are different and what may works great for one, may be absolutely horrible for others.

    Developers shouldn't try and find 1 way fits all solution, rather a way that everyone would be able to make things accustomed to their preferences without this breaking the general browser/code/design.

    Why a customizable context menu would be the best solution.


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