I can't leave setting window

  • Hy, I have installed Vivaldi browser on my computer. I like it. After that, I work in "Vivaldi settings/display all' windows. Then, I can't leave this page to return on browser. Please tell me what can I do? thanks, zone5

  • Moderator

    For now, til the bug is fixed, you can close the settings window from the taskbar in Windows, or with Alt+F4 in Linux or Windows. Not sure about on a Mac.

  • Hy again,
    I close the window named "Vivaldi settings/display all' then I can't open the browser.
    So, every time I want reopen browser, I see only that window "Vivaldi settings/display all' who block me.
    I can't open browser.


  • I had the same problem. Every time I opened Vivaldi it just went to the settings page, and there was no way to get to the browser window, even after a reboot.
    Eventually I uninstalled and reinstalled it, and that worked.

  • thank you
    it worked


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