Freeze? enter quick command field

  • The screen display of Vivaldi is fixed(freeze) when I input a letter into a quick command field. *It occurs in first one character.

    Nothing is updated, and the screen of Vivaldi maintains a displayed state last.
    I can't close a window without opening the menus.
    The speed dial (and so on) from an Explorer bar(right click) is possible, but the screen doesn't change. In addition, I can close a window from there.

    1.6.689.40 (Stable channel) (64bit) Windows10(1607)

  • @izacks
    Yes that happen. You have a lot of bookmarks?
    I complained the same thing. For me it even automatically restart Vivaldi.

    Because I see you're in stable, you may try my trick with quick command;

    It seem fix in latest 1.7.x.x snapshot. Still slow though.

  • @dLeon I also have this issue, I'll try with your method. 😛
    I don't think I have all that many bookmarks, they are not small neither, but nothing that ginormous. :3

  • @Metal

    have all that many bookmarks

    Probably depended to our power house.
    One said it kick in if we have 300> bookmarks. Others said more or less. Most seem didn't have problem. I got 2000+ bookmarks, not yet counted with my bookmarklets collection from my Opera browser era.

  • @dLeon said in Freeze? enter quick command field:

    Yes that happen. You have a lot of bookmarks?

    I just counted the number of bookmark. The number of bookmark was 130. Are there many these?

    It's for Mac, and a quick command doesn't seem to be usable either. The behavior like a Windows version. The Mac version bookmarks was 250.
    When it is for Mac, I'm not usable for a while, but a window disappears when it passes for a while. I can continue use when I open the new window because Vivaldi doesn't finish(crash).

  • @izacks

    kick in if we have 300> bookmarks. Others said more or less

    Basically, we all notice the quick command seem have problem on some system and on any OS.

    I'm most of time on my Linux/Debian sid amd64 system. The latest snapshot seem fix the hang and automatic restart Vivaldi caused by quick command. Except for it still slow to sort your bookmarks collection.

  • I updated ver.1.7.
    The quick command tool has completely died... Vivaldi will crash.

  • I crashed several times and restarted Vivaldi, but now it does not crash.
    I crashed the moment I pressed the F2 key or the moment I selected the tool from the menu.
    The Quick Tool Command is the same as Ver. 1.6 and it seems that nothing has been improved.
    Freeze with the second letter input.

  • The resize of the window is possible at time of this state. Vivaldi seems to crash when I resize a window. I just discovered this method. I terminated it from a task manager before or was closed from an Explorer bar.

  • Moderator

    @izacks I'm on 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (32-bit) and Vivaldi didn't crash or freeze when using quick commands or when resizing windows. I have 250+ bookmarks and the quick commands menu works fast & smoothly here.

  • @pafflick Uninstall Vivaldi from the Windows control panel. appdata/Local/Vivaldi folder (configuration file) is deleted manually. Delete registry. Then restart Windows and reinstall Vivaldi. It certainly seems to work smoothly without a bookmark. Importing bookmarks will freeze. Quick Command Tool seems to be influenced by the number of bookmarks registered after all.

    The Mac version doesn't seem to freeze or crash. However, it takes from 30 seconds to 1 minute for characters to be entered and completed. Mac version has more bookmark registrations than Windows version.

  • Moderator

    @izacks I use only standalone installations of Vivaldi and I just tried importing all my bookmarks to a fresh installation of Vivaldi and it took about one second to import them all and after trying the quick commands menu it works just as smoothly as it worked before. I haven't noticed any slow-down of the browser whatsoever.

    I'm not sure what's causing the slow-down for you. That's odd considering the fact that I have almost as twice as many bookmarks as you and yet it works flawlessly here. Usually there are different possible reasons for such issues: it might be something with your machine configuration, some software bug, a corrupted file system on the hard drive, some missing files or libraries, broken or incompatible extensions/plugins, corrupted user data files, wrong permission settings etc. Perhaps there is something wrong with your bookmarks file? 🤔

  • I have about 10000 bookmarks and the quick command is really slow. I tried to find the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, the method proposed by dLeon did not yield good results. However, this is certainly a good way for bookmarks that do not have many numbers or special characters.

    To test, I removed all of my bookmarks (and of course I backed up the files), and when I reinstalled the Vivaldi browser, I copied and pasted the built-in bookmarks into 5,000. The result was the same again.

    In contrast, I installed the chrome add-on called Vimimum and did something similar, but it does not slow down.

    Oddly enough, the search in the address bar is relatively fast. I recently noticed that there is an update in the development version that improves the search speed in the address bar.

    Quick commands also need improvement.

  • @anonvc
    Yeah, the current state of Quick Command isn't nice.

    The workaround I proposed just happen to make it not to hang Vivaldi. I'm not a fan to my work around either.

    The Quick Command at current state only useful for quick Tabs list. But this also have alternative, Alt+w will give you Tabs list.

  • @dLeon Thanks for the good tip.
    I did not know there was such a shortcut key.

    I know you mentioned VB-24920
    It makes me very hopeful. 🙂

  • I may have found one of the problems avoidance.
    I emptied the trash (deleted bookmark) in the bookmark, I can use the quick command without problems.
    The Mac version was also the same.

  • A poster in the thread for the latest snapshot (where this problem isn't fixed, just to be clear) recommended that Vivaldi let us exclude bookmarks from Quick Commands to work around the problem.

    This makes a lot of sense to me since I'm puzzled why anyone would go there for bookmarks in the first place. If you want to search for bookmarks, there's an address bar and a sidebar, neither of which, come to think of it, has this bottleneck.

  • @rseiler said in Freeze? enter quick command field:

    This makes a lot of sense to me since I'm puzzled why anyone would go there for bookmarks in the first place. If you want to search for bookmarks, there's an address bar and a sidebar, neither of which, come to think of it, has this bottleneck.

    Yes, exactly what I was thinking. The bookmark panel is dedicated to bookmarks and processes searches very quickly. I wonder why Quick Search chokes on them? For me the bookmarks are surely the problem because when I rename my bookmark file and run Vivaldi searching in Quick Search is fast even though I have history set to a long time. I hope this can get sorted out because QS is a nice feature.

  • Moderator

    @rseiler I use quick commands to open new tabs with bookmarked pages using their nicknames. It's way much faster than using the address bar, not to mention the bookmarks panel, which requires even more clicks/key presses. But as I said before, I have absolutely no lag when using the quick commands menu and thus for me it's the most convenient tool for reaching out to my bookmarks.

  • @pafflick I didn't realize they only worked there and not the bookmarks panel, but how does getting to the bookmarks panel require more key presses than getting to Quick Commands?

    If you don't show a slowdown in Quick Commands, you just don't have enough bookmarks to have made it over the threshold. Import some more.


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