"separate" Cookies?

  • I'm logged into this forum in one tab, opened a thread into a new tab. There, I'm not logged in. Is this kind of "separate" cookies intended? Surely, it can be useful (i.e. for having multiple facebook accounts) etc. If that is intended, you should make it optional.

  • It's a known bug, unfortunately.

  • oh … okay.

    If they turn this bug into a feature, it surely CAN be useful, i.e.

    • for privacy
    • for debugging a website without having to delete the cookies manually
    • for having multiple accounts / conflicting settings on the same server

    I would suggest that this effect is kept as an optional feature (maybe in the right-click menu of a tab, i.e. as "private cookies" or something like that). Then, also other storage methods (localstorage) should be kept in private.

  • I do not doubt they'll have something similar to private/incognito browsing, but this isn't that.


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