stop the function of automatic reloading tabs

  • i don´t know how i do this, its happens all the time when i browse five minutes in another tab, please i love the browser but this stuff buggin me off!

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    @ebgerman: I guess it will have to be made an option. Reload/don't reload background tabs. We have people complain both ways. "I don't want to see what the tab WAS, I want to see what it IS!" Right now there's no option. If you hibernate background tabs, though, I THINK they fetch from cache instead of reloading.

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    @ebgerman I think it depends on how much memory do you have at your disposal. On my tablet, where I have only 2 GB of RAM I experience this issue quite often - background tabs reload when I visit them for the second time (without restarting the browser), but only when I'm doing something that eats up a lot of resources (like watching a bunch of videos on YouTube) in the foreground tab. On my PC, where I have 16 GB of RAM I haven't experienced that issue ever...

  • @ebgerman I'm not a dev or code savvy, but from the limited time so far I've used Vivaldi's latest version I would guess that you either run out of RAM and your browser automatically Hibernate/unload background tabs, or I dunno if there's option for this, you might have accidentally have enabled some meta refresh option. Either in the options or through some extension.

    Not saying that this is the case, but it could be. If you have installed something like Tab Suspender extension might also do that.

    You should explain more specific what exactly you mean with "reloading", the Tab suspending extensions do it in a specific and different way than the regular reload.

    I would assume tis the Ram, I had this happening on my old computer.

  • Isn't background reload/refresh tab was Chrom* feature?

    It's more and less like Firefox config.trim_on_minimize (windows only).
    So, this related to what @pafflick mentioned above.

    If I understand correctly.
    It minimize resources use for background tabs, while focus resources for foreground tab. Imagine semi hibernate.

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