How do I install extensions?

  • How do I install extensions, where do I get them?

    Also, is that info listed in a FAQ somewhere or something? Because I couldn't see any


  • You can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store

    You can get there by navigating the Menu -> Tools -> Extensions -> Get new extensions. The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+E


  • Thanks!

    I humbly suggest that the help site should be included in the main navigation of the home page and/or community area.

  • Moderator

    @clum: When you select "Help" in the menu it takes you to the help site.

  • @Ayespy


    Thanks for this thread.

    I concur that the help menu is available at [](link url).

    My problem was that I was in the Help system looking for "Add-ins" ... and so I didn't find "Extensions" ... I know that I am a dinosaur using all those old browsers, but maybe Vivaldi could add tagging to help topics so that "related" terms might help people like me find data quicker? Just a suggestion.

    I am guessing what clum was suggesting is that next to the horizontal selection for Browser/Features/Newsroom/Blog/Community, maybe a Help button would beneficial. I would have. I know there is a link at the bottom of the page. My first inclination for attracting new users is to provide them with "dead-simple" access to help; I find that many users will stop using a new app because they are not familiar with the interface.

    Thanks again for your help and consideration. :-)

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