Content menu costumize

  • One of the last stable update to the context menu has been included in the validation and full-screen mode.
    they can be e take something from there.
    I see several problems with it:

    1. Lowest first element of the context menu very long time in the study. Since then, many times inadvertently saying the full screen browser that does not have to.
    2. The entire screen is a simple gyorsbombbal available (F11) until the test requires complex key combination, while not entirely the same result (for context menu jumps to highlight the item in the source code, the quick key will still have to look for battery.)
    3. Validation completely randomly appear, at some point you at some point no, I did not fully understand the reason.

    It would be nice if the additional items individually could change or something thoughtful way would be to the program.

    Thank you very much, I am an avid Vivaldi use.
    PS .: Thanks for a great browser 🙂


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