[Minor Bug] Videos crash when moving Windows

  • If you move a window around the screen when conected to two different screens, videos may stop playing. This happens for example on YouTube.

    I'll keep posting stuff whenever I find out more about this

  • Moderator

    If you're sure that it's a bug, you can report it here.

    Please describe as precisely as you can, what kind of issue are you dealing with and how it can be reproduced. After sending the bug report, you'll get a confirmation e-mail and in a reply to that e-mail you can add more information and attach files (if necessary) for the testers and the bug tracking team.

  • @pafflick It's a minor issue and I don't know enough about it to report it. I will as soon as I find out some more about it. Up to know I've discovered that it happens on the first time of each session and that id doesn't have to move from one screen to another. I just post it in a try to find more information, in case someone knows more about it


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