more specific handling of cookies, for example by domain ?

  • In FF, one can specify to always allow cookies from a given domain or always block cookies from a given domain or to allow cookies for this session from a given domain.
    Can someone tell me how to do this in V-64?

    [If not, then please treat this as a feature request. I did not see how to post directly to that area.]

    For an example of where this is useful, there is a web site [which shall remain nameless], which annoyingly refreshes itself every minute, even though there is no live data, and there is no toggle to turn that refreshing off. After a number of page views, it forces the user to log in. It looks like it counts page views using cookies.

    In FF, by blocking cookies from this domain, it never reaches its count, and it does not force a login. In V-64, I don't see how to get around the login other than manually opening the cookies view and deleting the offending one each time that the user is asked to log in to this web site.

    So more detailed options for cookie handling would be useful.

    [Also, allowing the user to override the automatic refreshing of a web site would be useful, but it would not be a complete solution in this case. If I remember correctly Opera had something like this, but it did not always work.]

  • @joss
    allow/block cookies.
    You can manage cookies allow/block by visiting: vivaldi://settings/content
    Or, you see that padlock on address bar? Click on it, down below the popup click "Site Settings", this also visit vivaldi://settings/content.
    Vivaldi (still) use Chromium contents management you see.

    refreshing page.
    I think the only reliable way to block automatic refreshing page is by blocking scripts. That will also block the page to check about cookies age.

  • @dLeon
    Thank you.

  • BTW, by using vivaldi://settings/content I did not see where I could set cookie handling for a specific site.

    By using your second suggestion, clicking on the padlock and then selecting "site settings" at the bottom I was.

    [Vivaldi is my first chromium browser so I am not familiar with its content mgmt.]

  • @joss
    Oh sorry, I miss one thing with that address. It suppose to be;
    For go to Manage Cookies directly
    (Notice the chrome)

    In case you don't know, this to open Chromium settings page

    Some of Chromium settings not yet merge beautifully in Vivaldi settings. For example, "Ask where to save each file before downloading". Vivaldi has this setting, but some extensions actually need the Chromium one, like bulk image downloader type.

    Some other that might be useful

    I bookmarked all those addresses.

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