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    This advice would be nice - if I could find them!

    I originally imported my bookmarks from Firefox and made the Bookmark Toolbar folder from Firefox the bookmark toolbar in Vivaldi.

    Now, when I open bookmarks, I can't find it anywhere. If I search for individual bookmarks, it finds them and they show up on the bookmarks bar, but I can't find them in the bookmarks page so I can edit them.

    Firefox has a go parent folder add-on just for this purpose - to get you to the folder that a bookmark is in when you found the bookmark in a search.

    How do I find my current bookmark toolbar folder in the bookmarks page?

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    @josephj11: You assign any folder you want, to be the bookmark bar folder. If you have one but can't tell what it is, then look in settings/bookmarks and see what the name of the folder is, and then look for that folder. If a folder seems to have disappeared, look in the trash.

  • @Ayespy - I got it to work.

    The correct folder was already assigned. It just got moved somewhere seemingly random - probably by me making a mistake while editing bookmarks.

    Open Bookmarks (Ctrl+B)
    Expand All Bookmarks
    Manually search down the 100's of them to find the folder
    Cut and paste the folder back where it was supposed to be.

    The problem (shortcoming) of Vivaldi (and of Firefox without an add-on) is that when you use search to find a bookmark, it returns matching bookmarks, but gives you no way to find what (parent) folder it's in. (And, I don't believe you can search for a bookmark folder at all.)

    When a folder gets accidentally dragged and dropped somewhere in a big Bookmarks tree (and I just accidentally did this again with another folder yesterday), this makes it necessary to expand the whole thing and look through all the bookmarks manually until you find it.

    We need a Go Parent Folder add-on (or native capability) for Vivaldi so a brute force search isn't necessary.

  • The same is true for a misplaced bookmark - not just folders.

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    @josephj11: The tree view for search (showing what folders things are in) is already present in the snapshot stream (see the teamblog) and will of course be present in the stable version when 1.7 gets released. So, hey - we're 'way ahead of you... 🙂

  • @Ayespy Great! Thanks.

    Now, if we just add bookmark tags ...

  • @Ayespy Just got 1.7. Now it's way better than Firefox was - even with the Go Parent Folder add-on! Love it!

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