[Critical bug] Right clicking images crashes opera

  • Vivaldi vers. 1.7.735.11 (official 32 bit build)
    Runing a: 6th gen intel i7 at 2.4GHz
    RAM: 12Gb
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX
    OS: Windows 10 Home

    ------- Bug report -------

    Whenever I right click an image so that the options menu would pop up Vivaldi crashes completely, closing every process and leaving me on the desktop.

    When I reopen Vivaldi I everything is back, nothing ever happened, but if I try to right click the image the crash is back.

    I've found this bug in every google.es image search and on every deviantart.com piece of art.

    I can download the images if I copy the link and paste it in Opera 42 (Which I use as secondary browser)

  • Moderator

    @Total_Obsession: Do you run any extensions? This was reported several builds ago and fixed. I don't get it now.

  • @Ayespy After doing some experimenting with my extensions I'm pretty sure that they are the problem, not sure which one is it exactly, (probably the data saver one) but it's solved. Thank you and sorry for bothering you if I did.

  • Moderator

    @Total_Obsession: Not bothered in the least. I volunteer as a mod here because I enjoy it, so I'm glad if I helped you.

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