Widevine Content Decryption Module needs to updated to Version:

  • so for the longest time I was wondering why i could not watch DRM video via amazons new global video service turns out its because the Widevine Content Decryption Module in Vivaldi is a few versons behind at Version:
    while the current version is
    upon testing the latest version works via chrome while Vivaldi does not work
    I have outlined this in VB-25342
    question is can i manually solve this issue ?
    if not how long before a update this has been a issue fir a while for me

  • Widevine is still on version in Firefox and Amazon Video works here. Are you sure that is the cause? Sometimes Vivaldi just doesn't seem to be able to use Widevine.

  • well im not certain i am pretty sure but as you said all other browsers work Vivaldi even plays other services
    but amazon will not work im in canada so have to use
    https://www.primevideo.com/(amazons global video site )
    works in chtome
    Firefox and even IE but refuses ro work in Vivaldi so im thinking a update may solve it
    this makes me sad that i have to switch browsers just fro prime video
    i even tested the latest 1.7 snapshot no go

  • Is there a specific error message from the site or from Widevine itself?

  • no the video just refuses to load amazon complains the video times out i assume because it can not propery communicate with the module through Vivaldi

  • If the Amazon site doesn't recognize Widevine, it should show a specific DRM error. Have you tried simulating another user agent?

    However I know only the regular Amazon video site, not primevideo.com.

  • http://primevideo.com/
    is a new site amazon launched for select countries ti use prime video for those countries who recently have been opened up to prime video but whose amazon page have not or wont have it interrogated into the main site
    i also told amazon of this issue many times they as always are helpful as door mats how might i simulate another user agent ?
    interestingly enough my account is set up for amazon us as well i often have items shipped in and have access to a few amazon.com videos that seem to work fine

  • no way i can update manually ?

  • I did it manually once by copying the Widevine folder from Chrome to Vivaldi somehow. But it was very unstable and I can't even remember how exactly I did it.

  • I really hope this is fixed soon as im 99% thus us my issue and if i cant do it manually im stuck waiting for a fix and I love Vivaldi thats why I am here but its things like this that prevent me from using it as my daily browser I really hope it is addressed before 1.7 final i love that the dev team works hard to give use new and intresting features on a regular basis but focus needs to be placed on basic functions and fixes a browser that cant handle DRM video ALL the time is not a good thing in 2017

  • You can know everything about widevine content decryption module with all browser from this guide.
    Hope after read all will clear, If You have any question, Then kindly ask me.

  • @Kusum lol at "Descryption" 🙂
    Someone should fix that page


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