some minor visual changes and flash player support might be great

    1. My major concern about this 'awesome' browser is that no support for flash player, as a Indian user major of young generation often watch live sports on browsers and we cant play it on vivaldi that's why I didnt unistall chrome yet, otherwise your browser is all set to take place of chrome :)

    2. vivaldi is highly customizable, but there is no option to disable panel, we can only move it to the right or left.

    3. Other one is in my windows8 machine tab bar is not aligned with minimize, maximize and close symbol, it looks odd. screenshot is attached.

    Otherwise we just want smooth scrolling, maximum usage space on window, and fast response that's already provided by your team.
    Thanks all.

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    1. Install Adbobe Flash Player (select version PPAPI for Opera and Chromium) from
    2. F4 is the key to hide the panel.

  • now there's some problem in my vivaldi
    It wont open in normal window and in the task manager also vivaldo icon come and go instantly, first I've to open icognito mode then I can open normal window.
    I think some stability issue is there
    screenshot attached for previous query

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