says something in my browser is blocking advertisements - I have no extensions

  • I cannot get to without the site telling me that my browser is blocking advertisements. I do not have any extensions installed. I may have changed a setting or two from default but nothing I think would be related to blocking advertisements. Is anyone else getting this message? Does anyone know of a setting that I can change so I can access their site?

  • Tried to open with adblock on. Of course it said adblock on.
    I disabled adblock also. And the popup still show.
    I removed the cookies from allmusic with adblock off, and still get the issue.
    Other browsers works?
    However it's strange.

    Vivaldi latest stable

  • I find it sad that Allmusic used to be a great resource and now it's a barely functional mess. Maybe try changing the user-agent string. It could be a bug related to the site misidentifying Vivaldi.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Deleted comment. Nevermind.

  • I tested with Chrome 56.0.2924.76 (Linux), and it shows those same notices in the devtools console but doesn't show the nagger pop-up.

  • It's possible that the advertising system doesn't recognize Vivaldi and tries to feed it ads meant for, say, Edge, and javascript errors ensue.

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    The nag screen only show up in Vivaldi, stable or snapshot, assuming there's no ads blocker.

    I found workarounds. Ironically by using ads blocker.

    • If you have uMatrix:
      Block scripts only on
    • If instead you have uBlock0 or maybe other ads blocker:
      Enable all only on domain.

    The play button and music is working. No idea if my "workaround" break something.

  • @dLeon I installed uMatrix and I think I did what you said and it worked. I played around with blocking and unblocking and now I can use their site. Thank you!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Good to hear. :grinning:

    But, the proper fix is by informing them that their site "ads blocker detector" is working differently in "clean" Vivaldi.

  • @liketobrowse

    Quite a few people have been reporting this pop-up, in different browsers.

  • @dLeon I just let them know. Thanks again!

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