Why cron script still needed?

  • Until latest snapshot, Vivaldi Debian package still install link of cron script into daily cron folder. The cron script does exactly what deb postinst script done.
    They both;

    • Register Vivaldi source.list.
    • Register Vivaldi apt-key.
    • Do some maintenance functions.

    Worst yet, the cron script do it daily.
    This what raise my question, why it still needed.

    It's not like Vivaldi source.list or apt-key will easily gone.

    Vivaldi 1.7.735.11 64bit
    Linux/Debian sid amd64

  • That's a modified version of Chromium's cron file. They probably want to keep it to be sure not to cause any subtle errors. The .rpm package contains a similar file for the RPM system. Please post results if you choose to disable the cron script. 🙂

  • @kumiponi
    The linked script is fine to be delete/disable, assuming the user understand what's in it & what's for. I did that since long time ago. No ill effect. Vivaldi update or re-installation will do the very same thing as the cron script planned to do.

    My question come as part of Debian apt-key from apt package had change recently.
    If the Vivaldi cron script still on its place, I will got a daily anacron root mail with warning message;

    Warning: apt-key output should not be parsed (stdout is not a terminal)

    Assuming the user (at least) set up locahost mail, the warning message would fill up root mail.
    Of course, we could just filter the cron message or edit that script directly.

  • @dLeon
    I like to keep my sources organized and easily identifiable by adding a comment.
    Is this the reason the vivaldi source entry keeps reverting to the original "http" listing.
    The google-chrome source entry doesn't revert.

  • @CantankRus

    Is this the reason the vivaldi source entry keeps reverting to the original "http" listing.

    I could say yes. The cron script & Vivaldi postinstall maintenance script re-check if Vivaldi sources.list in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/was "broken".
    At beginning, I comment out that default sources.list or out right delete the file. I move the address to main /etc/apt/sources.list by the way.
    But at next Vivaldi update, you guess it, it's back.

    For Debian packages, there's Vivaldi setting file installed in /etc/default. You will spot it right on. Their name is "unique". You can try to set it to;



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