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  • Hello, I have a problem, we had a power cut off and I lost my session. The "Last Session" file is almost 3 MB but full of 0x00 values. I'm very sad there is no "One Older Then Last Session" I could have one day old session. Its very stupid to delete "Last Session" file and replace it with corrupted "Current Session" at start. When i find out the session is broken the last good one is gone ­čśĽ

    Well ok, i had some save (by bookmarks) from 15.12.2016. Lets go to history and spend day or two searching what I'm missing. Oh hell no!!! The history browsing is impossible, f..cking older and newer moving only?? And only by 150 or so items?? I have to click 3-5 times to skip a day!! How am I supposed to get to last month??? I tried two extensions from google market, none worked... I'm really angry right now, i was used to perfert history browsing in Opera 12. Why do i have half year history setup, when i cant access to it. How can i access history in some non retarded way??? Or is it at least possible to use history search bar to some database sql queries? If so, how?

    Stupid Current/Last Session management, make 3rd session "older then last"!
    History browsing is literally retarded, tell me how can i jump to last month.

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    Bad news first:

    Broken files after crash: Yes, the sessions sometimes get broken. I heard about this problems after power loss.
    A feature request to make harden Vivalid's data files against crash was made. But as i can see no progress.
    Same issue suffering are the browsers Chrome and Opera. I fear such improvement had to be backported by Vivaldi (with great investment of time and human power) or to be made by Chromium developers. ­čś×

    Some better news about History:
    I hope in next Snapshots you will get a better new History with enhanced search&display. The developers and testers are working on it.
    And i can say: it is working fine yet. ­čÖé

  • Ok I'm not familiar with this, but It doesn't feel like big issue to have one more automatic session backup, either in chromium itself or with session manager. Some vivaldi private automatic save after close, that is kept for three closes. Well nevermind, I'll save session more often or I'll hope for some better session manager with auto save every xx mins/hours and keep xx sessions.

    Ad history, when will this come to some live vivaldi build? So i can use it. I saw something like this few months ago, and I cant wait month to get usable history. I need my lost tabs back asap.

  • I opened the history file since its sqlite file. But i dont understand the last_visit_time value, for example today "13130078823978925" is too big for stupid epoch seconds, more like milliseconds, but this come to year 2011. Is time in some secret format or wtf. Help me please, ill write my own sql query to browse history, but i need to understand time value so i can start after my last save.

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    @nightraven Have you tried reaching the trash icon in the upper right corner of the window? Usually, there should be an entry saying "Window with x Tabs" and all the lost tabs should be there.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with sessions lost on PC reset due to circumstances like a power loss, which happened to me only once since I started to use Vivaldi and I haven't lost my session at that time. I did, however, lose my sessions in Vivaldi a couple of times for some other reasons. In my experience (once I found out about this "window" entry in the trash can) I was always able to restore any lost session from there. I'm not sure if it'll actually be there on your computer, but you should definitely check it.

  • @pafflick unfortunately no. The last session file is corrupted, all i can get, is trash from that session, but those are only closed tabs since the last start, not very useful. I'm 99% sure i cant restore it, right now i would like to know, how to interpret the timestamp to today datetime. As i said 13130078823978925 should be today 28.1.2017 about 11 AM UTC

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    @nightraven Have you tried googling it? I found this for example - I haven't tried it, so you need to check that out for yourself...

  • @pafflick Thank you!, that's it, i was googling some "standard" timestamps but none fit into this. I never thought about some freaking google timestamp, my bad. Year 1601 as epoch is very uncommon from my perspective, now I'm curious why 1601, but i guess that reason will be something like, "and why not 1601" googles idiotic reason for almost anything. Again thx, now i can start searching in my history.

    Sorry for my angry "tone". I found that 1601 is reasonable, and used in win32 epoch.

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    @nightraven I'm pretty sure that one of the answers on the site that I linked explained why it's 1601... ­čśë

    It took me like 5 seconds to find the answer, though I don't blame you, as this happens to everyone - one can be so focused on trying to solve something, that they don't see the most obvious solution which is literally right in front of their eyes... ­čśü


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