[Bug] Window controls locked when new tabs open on fullscreen video window in multimonitor setup

  • So, my setup is as follows. Happens every time I do it:

    • 2 Monitors in extended desktop mode.
    • 2 Vivaldi windows, one in each monitor.
    • Play a fullscreen video in one of the windows (Youtube for example)
    • When you still have focus on the fullscreen video window (for example right after you've set your video to fullscreen mode and go do something else outside of the browser), do an action that opens a new browser tab, like clicking on a picture link on a messaging program, or a link from an email client.
    • The new tab will open in the window with the fullscreen video playing, which is a new tab in full screen (F11) mode, but you can't revert it as the browser interface doesn't appear when you move the mouse to the top of the screen, or whatever side you have moved your tab list to. Windows window controls also don't appear.
    • You are forced to press F11 to revert this behaviour. There's no other way to exit the now fullscreen window with the webpage open as the fullscreen video is in another tab now, but the browser still behaves as if it's on the foreground so controls are disabled.

    It's pretty annoying and definitely something I encounter every day as I like to set up a video on Youtube on the secondary monitor while I work, and this behaviour is definitely disruptive and unexpected. Hope it's something trivial to fix, love this browser and definitely want to see it bug free!

    Other data that might be relevant:

    • My primary monitor is 4K at 150% interface scaling and the monitor I play the video on is a regular 1080p 100% scaling one.
    • I get fullscreen on Youtube either by pressing the fullscreen icon on the player window or by pressing F.
    • I use Windows 10.14393.693 x64, AMD Radeon 16.9.2 and Vivaldi 1.17.735.11.

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    You can report this bug here.

    Please describe as precisely as you can what kind of issue are you dealing with and how it can be reproduced. After sending the bug report, you'll get a confirmation e-mail and in a reply to that e-mail you can add more information and attach files (if necessary) for the testers and the bug tracking team.

    As for the issue - until this is fixed - I'd suggest you use one of these workarounds:

    1. Install another instance of Vivaldi to use on your second monitor. You can choose "Install as standalone" upon installation. Then it'll be easier to remove it, as everything you'll need to do would be to just remove the folder in which that instance of Vivaldi was installed.
      Pros: you can use the second Vivaldi on your second monitor at any time to browse the Internet; you can set different settings for your second browser;
      Cons: more resource usage; you'll have to configure settings for the second Vivaldi;
    2. Use a YouTube client app from Microsoft Store (for example Tubecast) to play videos on your second screen.
      Pros: less resource usage;
      Cons: it's good for playing the YouTube videos only...

    Of course, if you're not that much irritated by this issue, you don't have to follow my tips... 😉

  • Just reported the bug, thanks for the link.

    Does Vivaldi have a public bug tracker so I can see what issues are open and keep track of them?

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    @rnet said in [Bug] Window controls locked when new tabs open on fullscreen video window in multimonitor setup:

    Does Vivaldi have a public bug tracker

    No. Sorry for you.


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